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GIVEAWAY: The Princess And The Pony By Kate Beaton

princess and the pony

The story of Princess Pinecone is really the story of us all. Coming from a long line of warriors, the princess wanted nothing more than a powerful warhorse for her birthday. What she got was quite underwhelming. But, making do with what she is given, all things end up for the best. Perhaps some minds are changed, spirits are lifted, and the kingdom is a little better for The Princess and the Pony. We could all take this lesson to heart and not only be happy with what we get handed to us, but go on to make the best out of that thing that may not be quite what we wanted.

princess and the pony

Kate Beaton is the creator of the web comic Hark! A Vagrant and is now entering the realm of children’s books with her first release, The Princess and The Pony, the story of Princess Pinecone, a regular character on Hark! A Vagrant, and her pony that is just not what she expected. I really enjoyed this book. The art is simple yet properly conveys the story and my kids loved the story.

If you are a fan of Kate Beaton, be sure to pick up her book that just released this past Wednesday. Also, if you are interested in winning some cool stuff, read on…

In conjunction with Scholastic, we are able to giveaway a really cool prize pack to one lucky winner. All you have to do is go to our Facebook page and send us a message saying that you want free stuff! What can you win? Take a look:

princess and the ponyYou have just a few days to get in and win. Please message us no later than 7/8/15 to be eligible and one messager (is that even a word) will win this amazing prize pack!


Check out more about this book here and and you can take a look at a few preview pages below.

princess and the pony princess and the pony

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