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GoFundme Anime Series


Hi everyone, it’s Jordan Troche again the owner of Fallen Manga Studios. I wanted to let all you cool kids know that we are going to Animate our Death Sin Manga into a series! Huge news right!? We think it is but we need a little help to get there. We just launched a Gofundme page to help us raise 5,000 to animate a 2 minute trailer of Death Sin so we can attract investors to help us turn it into a series. We want to work with the Studio who created this awesome League of Legends fight trailer.

Check it out then read on!

With your help we can become the Premiere Western Manga/ Anime Studio and start a new era of stories created in the West and released all over the World. As you know we release our Manga for FREE ONLINE for the world and sell the Printed copies on our Website along with Posters and T Shirts. The truth is we NEED help to do this, the money I earn from my day job I am going to use to create Merchandise that we will bring to an Anime Con in D.C.




I ask this of you to help me achieve my dream of creating a world of Manga and Anime stories born in the West and consumed worldwide. I know we can DO THIS guys, lets become an Anime/Manga Studio that can compete with Japan and release quality entertainment. Thank you so much for reading and I hope to see you guys online. Now enjoy some ART!


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