Good Toys for Young Children by Age and Stage


Toys must be safe for your child, and good toys must meet their growing needs and knack as they grow up. Universally kids love toys. Take your kid to a toy store; he may want all those stuff, and start thinking without those toys he cannot live. Apparently, toys are just for fun and merriment, but most toys provide an opportunity for him to learn something. Best are those, which attract a child’s attention and senses, ignite their imagination and persuade to interact with it. Kids are eager to learn and have a thousand questions. Every new thing, the novel experience is a learning experience for them.

The Duo

Every new shape, color, touch, sound and taste is a new experience of life for him. When you present a toy to your kid, it must be safe and stimulate his keenness and inquisitiveness. The toys which rattle and make plays music enchants their attention. Toys with bright and contrasting colors captivate their eager and developing vision. As they grow, toys explore their sense of belonging and texture of relationships. Blocks are a fascinating way to augment their motor skills and hand-eye harmonization.

Toddling with toys

As your child grows up, he needs more variety of toys than before. They may still like some toys, with which they used to play as babies. The same blocks bring a new perspective, new opportunities, skill and knowledge. But new varieties which arouse their awareness and curiosity is a way to develop his on growing personality. Shape sorters are a marvelous way to teach him different shapes in a playful manner. They also train him on how to match similar bits and pieces. Lego blocks stimulate their sense of symmetry, color and motor skills.

Toys for preschool and school-aged child

When your child has reached the age for schooling, it is time to teach him about letters, numbers and language. Toys can make this process more engrossing, interesting and easy. From simple alphabet puzzles to high tech electronic toys, the variety is endless. These toys provide the necessary stepping stones before he enters school. When he starts going to school, educational toys make the learning process more alluring and easy. Giving him the appropriate toys provides him with the opportunity to practice things in a pragmatic and effortless way what he is learning in school. Practicing also helps him to retain knowledge. The toy must bring out the curiosity and eagerness of the child to learn new things.

Time to grow

As your kid grows up, his taste and style of playing with toys change constantly. As he goes to preschool, he experiences new surroundings, new people and a new world. Help him in developing new friendships and skills for playing and sharing his toys with other children. Construction toys with interlocking pieces are a great way to stimulate his creativity, imagination and motor skills. Recreating real-life objects which he is witnessing in the road gives him immense joy and boosts his self-confidence. Let him create his own art giving him, paints, pastels, glue and collection of papers of various colors and textures. In later stage, he might be interested in agen poker kind of games, who knows! Help him grow from a seedling to a plant and then to a tree.

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