Grant Morrison Introduces us to Multiversity

Grant Morrison

One of the most widely talked about and anticipated projects in recent comic book history is DC ComicsMultiversity by Grant Morrison. The Scottish creator’s project has been dubbed “his Lord of the Rings”, and is shaping up to be something of a master work. The comic book legend is famous for taking on far out and adventurous projects and ideas. Most recently in shaping the way we see the Man of Steel, Superman in such works as All Star Superman, and the 52’s Action Comics while not forgetting the phenomenal run on Batman and Robin with Dick Grayson under the cowl.Multiversity Page Captain Atom

While Morrison is taking a break from super heroes, concentrating on creator owned and independent projects, some of the finer points of this new project at his own convention, Morrison Con. Multiversity will be an eight issue series from DC Comics which will contain six one-shot stories and a two-part finale. Each of the one-shots will focus on one of the new worlds in DC’s New 52 and will introduce us to some familiar faces we have yet to see in “mainstream” DC continuity since the events of Flashpoint and the reboot that changed everything in the DC universe.

Multiversity Blue BeetleSome of the new worlds we will be exploring are Thunderworld, a world inhabited by legacy heroes with sidekicks as adults and the offspring of the Justice League; A Nazi world, similar to that of Superman: Red Son. And Pax Americana, which, as we can see below, restores Ted Kord to DC continuity. At Morrison Con, pages from Pax Americana were unveiled as well as little info about the story. Morrison will focus on heroes from the old Charlton Comics brand. Some of the characters featured in the pages that were revealed are The Blue Beetle, Captain Atom, and a personal favorite of mine, The Question.

This is a project I am particularly excited for. The idea of exploring the New 52 beyond Earth 2 and the main stream world of Earth 0 or Earth 1, whichever it may be, is very appealing. Exploring characters that are diverse and interesting in their own quirky little ways is something that Morrison does brilliantly. He has a real knack for making you fall in love with a character, and with Multiversity, I feel there will be plenty to become enamored with. Scheduled for release in late 2013, Morrison promises this to be one of his biggest, boldest, and most beautiful project in years.



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