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Great Audio Interview with Rex Hurst and Chuck Amadori!


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For maybe a month or two, I’ve been a part of the Wicked Little Things podcast as a co-host with John Ledger, Dawn Cano, Doc Ferrell, and Michael Noe. We do the podcast for our book publisher, J. Ellington Ashton Press, which specializes in horror but also publishes dark fantasy and science fiction.

Out of all of the shows I’ve been able to do with Wicked Little Things, this might have been my favorite show so far! We got to interview Rex Hurst on his sci-fi novel, Across the Wounded Galaxy, and serial killers, as he has also written a serial killer novel. We also got to interview Chuck Amadori, a comic book writer I have the pleasure to work with on Empress, and who writes other great titles as well (Pale Dark, Tether, Bang Bang Lucita, etc.)

Check it out and be sure to follow Rex Hurst and Chuck Amadori’s works!

You can read Chuck Amadori’s comics on ComiXology! Be on the lookout for Rex Hurst‘s Beyond the Wounded Galaxy, which should be out in a few weeks!

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