The Greatest Comic of All Time Gets Announced: Klaus


Granted, that title may be exaggerated a little bit but today, CBR announced a new comic coming from BOOM! Studios by Grant Morrison and Dan Mora called Klaus. Grant Morrison describes it as “Santa Claus: Year One” and “All-Star Santa Claus” rolled into one absolutely fabulous sounding book.

The cover image above should sell you on the concept (even if it’s a little edgy, but that’s just promo material – which is never indicative of a book’s quality). It’s manly in a way that it features a holiday icon with a buff figure, covered in blood, with a sword and a pet wolf. The only way it could get manlier is if it featured machine guns and a hefty amount of bromance between Klaus and the Wolf, which I’m sure it will, if only for maximum pandering.

I personally feel like this will be one of the best books of the decade, if only because I’m a sucker for Morrison’s high concept pitches. It is also absolutely bonkers and surprisingly original-sounding, even if the idea of year one stories isn’t anymore. At least it should be super creative, which is what many books fail to do these days when the pitch for a book becomes something like “Robocop-meets-The-Simpsons”.  Hopefully it does end up being good and not just a series of patchwork ideas Frankensteined together.

Klaus #1 debuts in November

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