Guardians Hits $300 Million Yet Falls From The Top Spot

Guardians Star Lord

Guardians of the Galaxy grossed $8 million this past weekend to become the first film in 2014 to reach $300 million. No Good Deed knocked Guardians from the top spot. The new thriller starring British Star Idris Elba and Taraji P. Henson, grossed $24.5 million over the three day weekend. It pushed Dolphin Tale 2 down to the second spot and performed well for another slow September weekend.

No Good Deed wasn’t screened for critics in St. Louis because of an apparent twist towards the end of the film. In this day and age, movie studios don’t trust critics to resist spoiling twists and reveals in film. I know a handful of critics here in St. Louis who were shocked by the lack of a screening and insulted by its reasoning. Whoever spoils twists in their reviews should be immediately taken off screenings lists. Pulling a preview entirely due to a few possible leaks isn’t good judgement. However, in this case, the film grossed a fair amount so the practice wasn’t faulty.

Next weekend, Liam Neeson barges back onto screens with A Walk Among The Tombstones. The thriller features Neeson playing a private detective looking for a killer. In other words, the legendary Irish action hero showing off his newfound skill set and making another ho hum plotted film look entertaining. Neeson is one of the most reliable action heroes out there at the moment. He has brandished this ability since he sneaked up on movie fans with Taken a few years ago. I have admired his work since his early days, but at the same time has welcomed his new style of “acting”. There aren’t many actors out there who can step on screen and look convincing without muscle gain, a facial prosthetic or a great script. Neeson just parks his car, walks on set and instantly haunts.

I expect Neeson’s new film to dominate next weekend’s box office.

Until next time, happy hunting at the movies.

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