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Hal Jordan of sector 2814

The disappointing heir

Hal Jordan

Welcome to Green Lantern 101, usually my first lesson would be about Alan Scott the Golden Age Green Lantern, but considering his tie-ins come in later on I’m going to introduce you to Earths first Green Lantern from the Green Lantern Corp Harold “Hal” Jordan. Noted as the Green Lantern Corps greatest champion for a time Hal Jordan has gone through some major changes. So hold on and enjoy the first of hopefully many Green Lantern bios.

Hal Jordans start was as a test pilot for Ferris Aircraft during a routine run of a in development jet Jordan was summoned to become Green Lantern of sector 2814 by the ring of Abin Sur, who was dying after a terrible crash landing. Jordan, being the first Green Lantern from Earth, was drafted into the Green Lantern Corps and began an amazing career as one of the mightiest Lanterns around. Trained by his future nemesis Sinestro, who at the time was the best of the best in the Corps, Hal Jordan showed that although he had an attitude and a problem with the authority that the Guardians had, he could still pull it out for the one cementing his legacy for generations to come, until Parallax that is.

Parallax, later on revealed to be the true incarnation of fear and a parasitic being, was what Hal Jordan became after the destruction of Coast City, Jordan’s former home on Earth, by the evil despot Mongul who was trying to take advantage of Superman’s death at the time. After asking for more power to return his city and being denied by the guardians the man once known as the greatest of the Green Lanterns decided if it was not going to be given to him he would take it. Grief stricken and tired of being told no Jordan headed straight for Oa, the Green Lantern Corps headquarters, and killed any and all that would stand in his way, including his best friend Kilowog. Acting upon desperation and grief Hal Jordan reaches his goal stealing all the power of the Green Lantern Corps and becoming the villainous Parallax.

After a number of attempts to stop him Parallax was finally put down, but not as a villain. During the Zero Hour: Crisis In Time where the Sun-Eater has put out the Earths sun dooming it for destruction Jordan returns to reignite the sun and dies the hero everyone knew he was. This was not the end of Hal Jordan’s journey though, after his death he was bonded by the Spectre and became the new Spirit of Vengeance, but soon after decided to turn vengeance into redemption.

In Green Lantern: Rebirth Hal Jordan made a triumphant return as a Green Lantern once more, returning from the dead and bringing a new outlook at having a second chance. Having learned the secret of Parallax controlling his emotions after the destruction of Coast City, and it being bonded to him, as well as why the Spectre chose him as his human host. Jordan broke free of both influences and has since been with the Green Lantern Corps and on the front lines of every major Lantern battle since.

In his role of New Guardian after Blackest Night it is unknown what Hal Jordan has in store for him, but from the pages of Brightest Day 0-1 so far it doesn’t look good.

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