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Halloween Pumpkin Carvings Inspired by Comics, Games, Movies, & TV


There’s a chill in the air, leaves on the ground, and the spooky nighttime things are gathering and biding their time. That’s right, Halloween is almost upon us! This year we are fortunate enough to have Halloween and new comics Wednesday fall on the same day. As a result, local comic shops will be giving away select FREE comic books to fans in conjunction with Halloween ComicFest. But the fun doesn’t stop there! Our vibrant community of comic readers, gamers, movie aficionados, cosplayers, writers, and artists is brimming with creativity, and All Hallows’ Eve always seems to bring out our creative nature in full force.  The most obvious example would be costumes. With convention season over for the year, Halloween provides one final hurrah for the cosplayers in our ranks to dazzle us with their ability to transform themselves into characters from comics, games, movies, and TV. Halloween is really the only holiday where cosplay is fully embraced by the mainstream.

Another aspect of Halloween that inspires creativity the decoration of our homes to celebrate the holiday. Remember when we were kids and there would always be those few houses we encountered while trick-or-treating where the occupants went all out decorating for the holiday? They would always have a plethora of coffins, corpses, spider webs, sound effects, and all manner of spooktacular décor. Maybe, like me, you grew up to be one of these people. The decoration most associated with Halloween would probably be the jack-o’-lantern.  No one is really sure how the tradition of pumpkin carving started. Most sources seem to agree that the tradition started in the British Isles with the carving of turnips and beets. British and Irish immigrants brought the tradition to North America, where readily available pumpkins made them the carving medium of choice.

Jack-o’-lantern and pumpkin carving has really evolved over the years. In just the past few years alone pumpkin carving has been elevated to amazing new levels of skill and grandeur. Remember that creative community of people we talked about earlier who love all things geeky? Pumpkin carving is no exception! Since we love all things comic, game, movie and TV-related here at Comic Booked, we thought it would be festive to share with you some of these amazing geeky pumpkin carvings! You are bound to find something to inspire you in the image gallery below. These images have been collected from all over, making it nearly impossible to locate and properly credit them since they appear uncredited in various different places.  If one happens to be yours, drop us a line and we will be happy to add a credit to the image. We would also like to see the best pumpkin carvings from our readers. If you have an awesome pumpkin carving inspired by comics, games, movies, TV, or animation, let us know about it in the comments below. Happy Halloween!

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Comments (7)


That Mars Attacks pumpkin is pretty sweet. As is the Iron Man one. But I think the Nightmare Before Christmas one is my favorite.

Those are some mad pumpkin carving skills. Amazing details.

The Batman outline is my favorite by far!


'Buncha showoffs!


That "Nightmare" one is friggin' amazing!

Just thought I'd say thanks for including my pumpkin in this list. I carved the Master Chief one, back in 2007. Took second place in the "Guilt O' Lantern" contest with that bad boy. You guys have made my day! 😀 Thanks!

Ah… so sad Halloween is over. November just doesn't do it for me. I mean, Thanksgiving, sure…..but what else is going down this month?

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