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Was Harley Quinn already on Fox’s Gotham?



In an interview with IGN, Ken Woodruff coyly declared; “You may have already seen Harley as a person that you thought you had met and known for a long time. So we always reserve the right to sort of do that as well,”

Camren Bicondova, who plays Catwoman on the hit Fox show responded with a surprised manner. “Ummm, I didn’t know that!” She declared.

Ken Woodruff continues;

“the Harley Quinn of it all is a bit more of a sticky wicket but it’s one we’ve already thought about for the character. We don’t want to give too much away but it will definitely be someone connected to the Joker cult world that we have set up. But it’s down the road, later in Season 3 right now.”

Harley Quinn is all the rage right now, from her recent starring role courtesy of Margot Robbie in the Suicide Squad film to her comic book releases by DC Comics and even her ever-so-brief cameo on Arrow, Harley Quinn – Dr. Harleen Quinzel – is in demand and her star is on the rise. But she won’t be the full on crazy sexy cool version that we got in the movie theater this past week.

Executive Producer John Stephens told participants at the 2016 Summer TCA press tour panel “We’ll be seeing proto-versions of some of those characters. We’ll see a proto-Killer Croc version. And we’ll be seeing a character, perhaps not this season but in times to come, who can be a forerunner of Harley Quinn which will be fun.”

It seems to be a good time for the Fox show to explore more of the character as it builds on and around the mythology of Batman’s iconic villain The Joker.

Killer Croc will also be introduced later in season 3 as will Jervis Tech, also known as The Mad Hatter. The Walking Dead’s Benedict Samuel has been cast to play The Mad Hatter for the upcoming season.

Gotham, ep303, "Look Into My Eyes"

“In season three you’re really going to see how villains have taken up residence inside the city,” Stephens said. “The villains have become more and more a part of the fabric of the city of Gotham. It’s less and less a police show like it was in season one. It’s a natural continuation of that in season three. I totally think we had to build to this point. The place we got to at the end of season three with people coming back to life as medieval monks and what have you, I don’t think we could have gone into that in the first episode of the first season.”.

Season Three of Fox’s Gotham airs September 19th at 8 pm EST.

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