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Harley Quinn Movie Now Has a Writer

Harley Quinn

The Wrap has revealed today that the Harley Quinn / Birds Of Prey movie for DC Entertainment and Warner Brothers studios now has a writer.

Who is it?

Christina Hodson
Christina Hodson

Her name is Christina Hodson.  Incidentally, Hodson is the same writer tapped to do the Transformers’ Bumblee spinoff movie.  She wrote the screenplay also for the 2016 movie Shut In which starred Naomi Watts and Charlie Heaton.

Additionally, Christina Hodson has also written such works as Seed, The Eden Project (which went directly to Sony and Material Pictures for development) and a new, still in development script for “The Fugitive” which is based upon a hit 1993 movie starring Harrison Ford which, itself, was based upon a 1960s television show by Roy Huggins.  She is also working on a action crime-action-drama for Fox.  Finally, her adaptation of the Japanese crime book OUT is being eyed closely by AMC Networks.

But back to the Harley Quinn spinoff movie.  It turns out this movie will in fact not be a solo movie starring only Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn.  It is now confirmed that this spinoff movie will most likely be a “Birds Of Prey” ensemble movie.

Black Canary/Oracle: Birds of Prey
Black Canary/Oracle: Birds of Prey

Who are the Birds of Prey, you ask?  Harley Quinn, of course, is one of them.  Other members include Catwoman, Huntress, Poison Ivy, Black Canary, Katana, Big Barda, Hawkgirl, Batgirl, and Hawk & Dove. First appearing in December 1996 in the pages of Black Canary / Oracle: Birds of Prey one-shot, the team has gone on to spawn multiple titles and runs including Batgirl & the Birds of Prey as part of 2016’s DC Rebirth title line.

On the film side of the DC Universe, the DC Entertainment Universe (DCEU for shot), we last saw Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn in the 2016 feature film Suicide Squad in which she and Jared Let’s Joker and the rest of the team wrecked havoc on the city but with a mission and a purpose to it all.

In the film, when Harley Quinn, also known as Dr. Harleen Quinzel, is first introduced, there is a colorful splash image of her with the words “Accomplice to the murder of Robin”

Does this give us a clue as to the plot that Christina Hodson is writing?  Keep reading ComicBooked as we find out more details.


To date, additional details have not been announced such as plot, full casting details, budget, release date or an actual (or working for that matter) title. 

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