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Harry Potter Fan Art Amazes

Harry Potter 2, cover1

In 2014, Harry Potter enthusiast and Brazilian Deviant artist Gabriel Picolo created fan art that delighted and dropped jaws around the tight knit clan of Harry Potter lovers.

Well, he’s at it again! Calling it his daily doodle project, he worked on these pics daily, filling notebooks and transfixing those who were lucky enough to get an early bird peek.

Picolo continued on his Harry Potter search for the holy grail drawing, and now he’s created even more gorgeously inspired renderings of magical happenings, mystical creatures and tried and true characters we know and love.

Tumblr, thanks for taking on these pics of fantasy, art and genre fandom so they can be appreciated and inspiring.

Harry Potter 21

Harry Potter1

Harry Potter2

Harry Potter3

Harry Potter4

Harry Potter5

Harry Potter6

Harry Potter7

Check out Picolo’s art on Tumblr, it’s truly worth a look and don’t worry, you WILL get very excited about the possibility of another Harry Potter movie!

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