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H’el On Earth: Superboy #15

Superboy 15 header

It would be remiss not to mention that fans of DC Comics have strong opinions on the New 52. Either they like what’s being done in the wide scale reboot, or they don’t. There’s little-to-no in between on the matter. For fans of Supergirl, Superboy, and Superman in particular, the H’el on Earth story arc is likely to either turn them on or off of the evolving portrayal of their favorite heroes. It is equally likely that readers will find lots to cheer for in Superboy #15.

Superboy and Superman become not-so-unlikely allies in this issue, which mainly deals with the repercussions of H’el’s decision to unravel Superboy’s DNA. Though the comic is not particularly action packed, character development is established in the formation of an alliance between Superman and Superboy, and readers will be sufficiently concerned over Superboy’s condition to keep engaged in the storyline.

Despite stylistic inconsistencies, overall the art in Superboy #15 is of a solid quality. There’s plenty of detail to drink in on every page, keeping the reader’s mind occupied, and colors both dark and bright are interspersed on almost every page, keeping things from appearing monochromatic and highlighting the focal point of each panel. The characters are also well drawn for the most part, though their facial expressions look slightly taut and unnatural in certain instances.

Superboy 15 image 1
Superman carries Superboy away to the Fortress of Solitude, where he will receive treatment for the damage H’el inflicted.

Superman is compelled to deal with the immediate concern of attempting to undo the damage H’el has induced in Superboy. In order to do this, he must begin by defying the police, who have Superboy cornered and plan to take him into custody. Superman flies away with Superboy against their orders, taking Superboy to his Fortress of Solitude, where he will attempt to provide him with the help he desperately needs. It is refreshing to see Superman portrayed once again as a confident and assured hero, who always does the right thing when people’s lives are at stake, since his role in times of inaction as a temperamental writer who resents Lois’s attempts at establishing relationships outside of their friendship and quits his job after a fight with his boss has been steadily growing tiresome.

Superboy 15 2
Here, Superman takes off his suit and allows Superboy to wear it, hoping that it will save his life.

Still, while Superman is at his best in the New 52 in times of crisis, comic book writers must remain careful when depicting his encounters with law enforcement. If Superman disregards the confines of the law too frequently, he’ll become less the Boy Scout Hero fans have grown to know and more of a vigilante. While it was necessary for him to get Superboy out of the clutches of the police and into safety, the accompanying implication that he is above the law is a little alarming.

Fans who were upset over the changes made to Superman’s suit may be comforted to learn that these changes were not needless, exhibited by the fact his reimagined costume does serve an integral purpose in the plot of this issue. The high-tech suit, which the new 52 has portrayed as Kryptonian Battle Armor as opposed to a costume stitched together by Martha Kent, is placed on Superboy by Superman on a hunch that its capabilities may allow Superboy to make a recovery. It does stabilize the unraveling of Superboy’s DNA, cutting into his telekinesis and increasing his physical abilities in the process. This brings Superboy and Superman together, despite Superboy’s initial reluctance.

Superboy 15 image 3
Superman and Superboy, as they are expelled from Superman’s fortress of solitude.

By the end of the comic, they agree to find a way to defeat H’el together. In fact, the ending seems rather anti-climatic until, in a surprising twist, H’el mysteriously appears in the midst of Superman’s haven, and commandeers the place for himself, throwing them both out.

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Comments (6)


Those are some rockin' colors!


I really want to like this comic, but I loved Connor Kent soooooooooo much pre-New 52… That being said, I do enjoy this title. It's just not the Kon-El I grew up with. You gave a fair and honest review, and, for the most part, I agree with everything you said.

I don't know, I'm not quite sold yet on Superboy. Honestly, I think The New 52 took his character a big step back as far as progression. However, this H'el on Earth storyline does have the potential to make Conner interesting again. Great review!

Madison Miller

That's one of the reoccurring complaints I've been seeing about the New 52. By rebooting everything and doing away with various aspects of different characters' histories, the character development for a lot of characters has regressed in a lot of ways. I do agree that there's a lot of potential though, and thanks for the compliment on the review!

Madison Miller

I know, right?
Especially the featured image, and the one where Superboy dons the suit! It's almost blindingly bright!

Madison Miller

I understand exactly what you mean! I feel the same way about the New 52 Superman comics I've read so far. They have their good points, of course, but the character just isn't being written the way I've grown used to anymore. I've read discussions between Supergirl fans complaining about the differences between the current Supergirl and the Maid of Might they grew up with, so I think the nostalgia for more familiar representations of our favorite characters is an issue many DC fans are struggling to come to terms with right now.

Thanks for the compliment on the review, as well! I tried to keep things balanced.

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