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Hell Riot #0 Review and Kickstarter Preview

Hell Riot

Created and Written by Everette Hartsoe
Art by Nestor Ruiz
Art Page 1 – 2 Jonas Teraus
Colors by Nasir Ahmad
Letters by Warren Montgomery
Producer Eric Pardee

With so many different types of comic books out today sometimes I find the prospect of super wordy and intense character driven comics a little overwhelming. In that case I enjoy fun, more action packed, comic books that speak to the inner action star in me. I believe some smart guy said something about actions having equal and opposite actions, or something to that effect, and what Hell Riot does for me is counter the serious with the fun. Not that serious stuff isn’t fun in it’s own right, but Hell Riot brings something different, something intense in action and an intense visually driven story.


Sometimes writers can get wordy and forget that their writing for a visual medium but Hartsoe has put together a script that was largely left to the artists to determine. Don’t get that statement wrong, Hartsoe’s portrayal of the main character isn’t wordy but her speaking style is certainly hip, or cool, or whatever the kids are saying these days. The fact that he chose to use a woman as the main character is pretty awesome and she doesn’t lack any ass kicking skills which is equally as awesome. I love to see female protagonists and I especially love strong BA female protagonists. Hartsoe doesn’t pull any punches, he makes this world and all the characters in it as BA as he can. It has a bit of a post apocalyptic feel to it, but also sort of Sci-Fi, basically it has layers that make it feel fresh and it takes risks that will be fun to follow in future issues.

As I said this comic is largely visual in the storytelling and in some parts it doesn’t leave anything to the imagination. It’s a thrill ride to say the least and the visual storytelling is done is a way that isn’t too busy or trying to put too much on the page. The artists leave plenty of room for Ahmad to make this super colorful and put some pop on the page. There are a few panels that are delightfully violent and colorful where Ahmad really shines. They finish the first issue with a sneak peek at what’s probably coming and it looks like the artistic skills will be expanded throughout further issues.


Overall I say Hell Riot is a hell ride with kick ass characters and even more kick ass action. Hartsoe has made this comic a nod to everything classic action style, the only thing missing is a cameo by Arnold. Another excellent thing Hell Riot has going for it is the slue of different prints and hi res pics of cosplayers dressed as the main character. The different things as far as cosplay and prints are proof that Hartsoe and the others on the Hell Riot team know how to bulk up the Kickstarter and give the people things that interest them. Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself. Hell Riot is on Kickstarter and needs your support so if this sounds like something you might like run over to the Kickstarter and make a pledge!

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