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Hero Killer #2 Review


Written by Tony McDougall
Art by Martinho Abreu


I have probably said a hundred times how much I love the versatility of comics and the way authors use the genre to convey their stories. I feel like a sign of a good writer is the ability to cross genre or think outside of the norm, do something different, reinvent something, do something new. I enjoy the cross genre that Hero Killer presents, it’s not just a superhero book, it’s a mystery/detective book as well. The story starts off right where issue one left off and both books are quick reads because I sucked in the story like a hoover. The collaboration effort between writer and artist is pretty amazing but I can’t say if it’s by design or not. The superhero’s are in costume and clearly superhero’s but there are very few, if any, panels of them being and doing superhero things. McDougall uses them in a different way and contrasts them to the main character who doesn’t have powers. I feel like this tactic makes the book grounded in a way that is nearly impossible with superheros and I find the different approach interesting to watch play out.


Like I said before the collaboration effort is important to the visual storytelling style. I feel like Abreu knows the way McDougall wants to tell the story and adjusts the art accordingly. His character design is fun and the superheros are original, but again, the way they don’t do a lot of “super” type of things keeps them grounded within the story and helps keep the focus on the non super main character. Abreu has walked a fine line and done it masterfully. I have nothing but respect for Abreu’s style and I hope to see more, not only with Hero Killer but with other stories as well.

Hero Killer is a Markosia comic and is in the process of getting issue two on Comixology. I highly suggest checking out issue one because the stories are congruent.

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