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Heroes And Villains: More Than A Comic Book Store

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There are 2 comic book stores here in town that I visit frequently, one of them is Heroes and Villains. The staff is very friendly, the owner super cool and Eric is… well Eric, and if you ask him he will say : “Eric = Awesomeness”.

I agree, but  I am not  here to talk about Eric (sorry bub).

Eric, he is a Shapeshifter

I am here to tell you about a very cool event that they are putting together. They do it every year, and this year I am participating on it , I am talking about  the Heroes and Villains’ Charity Auction!


Inspired by the larger-than-life heroes featured in the books they sell, pop culture enthusiasts set out to make a difference in their community.

Heroes and Villains makes good on the first half of their name every October by auctioning off rare comic books and collectibles to benefit Tucson’s Open Inn–an organization dedicated to assisting Tucson’s homeless youth population.

To date, they have raised upwards of $15,000.

Said collectibles are not only donated by Heroes and Villains, but by the shop’s loyal customer base, as well:

“Our store periodically receives rare ‘retailer incentives’ from publishers; Things like ‘one per one hundred’ comics with variant covers and ‘one per case’ action figures –and they’re super popular with the fans — so we figured that it’d be a neat idea to, instead of selling them, save them all and auction them off for charity during our annual anniversary party” says store owner, Mike Camp.

Mike Camp owner of Heroes & Villains and Cyclops!

Eight years later, what initially started as just a “neat idea” has become the Cape and Spandex Set’s event of the season.

“It’s like Christmas for people who know what a ‘dilithium crystal’ is used for” says Caitlin Burns, a Heroes and Villains customer who has joined dozens of others in donating some of her own nerdy goodies over the years.

Rey, Store Manager and part time Sith Lord

Heroes and Villains’ Charity Auction runs from 10am on October 1st until 4pm on October 30th. 100% of the profits from the auction go to Tucson’s Open Inn.

If you’d like more information about Heroes and Villains and their Annual Charity Auction, or to schedule an interview, please call Eric M. Esquivel at (520)-321-HERO, or email Eric at

Matt, Comics Connoisseur

Heroes and Villains is located at 4533 East Broadway, Tucson Arizona, 85711, between Swan and Columbus, and can be found online at

So if you live in Tucson, or want to travel down here for this event (come on, maybe you can) you will definitely see some amazing items up for auction. I really hope I win the Hulkbuster and the Thor 12″ figure, they are AMAZING! They have some statues, comics, figures and lots more. They even have some SDCC 2010 exclusives!

The staff is awesome, very helpful and friendly, and the store is pretty cool. If you tell them that Agent Burgos sent you, they will be extra nice to you , and if they don’t, the whole S.H.I.E.L.D. Army will pay them a visit!

Come on down and support a great cause!

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Dustyn Hughes


I remember when this store opened. It's good to see it is doing so well.

Mike was always an awesome owner.

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