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Heroes Ignited Kickstarter Preview

Heroes 2

As a comic book fan I have a special place in my heart for indie creators and Kickstarter campaigns that depend on people like myself to help fund the project. The indie comic world is full of artists and writers that are not only passionate but they’re willing to engage the fans and take time out of their day to listen. The indie comic world is dependent on everything good; kindness, compassion, giving, caring, and everything that makes this world a good place. This isn’t all the indie world represents. The indie world represents that and so much more but Heroes Ignited also represents a new level of indie projects.

Heroes Ignited is a collaboration of indie creators headed by Short Fuse Media Group the publisher behind Like Father, Like Daughter; a unique superhero story that features a new take on superheroes. Short Fuse Media had two Kickstarter hits with Like Father, Like Daughter and the indie loving community embraced it. The fact that Short Fuse had a hit wasn’t anything new but what came after was the idea that may change the face of indie comics.

First Ignited

Short Fuse saw a niche that indie creators have had success with, Kickstarter, and they mastered their own campaign. Short Fuse saw the potential and like any other indie creator they wanted to spread the success and show other creators that they were capable of building a great and vast world full of top shelf heroes and villains. This idea is the foundation of Heroes Ignited, a vast world that encompasses many heroes.

The idea of superhero teams isn’t new, in fact the superhero team is already an iconic idea. The Justice League and the Avengers being the most popular, but what Short Fuse Media has done is create a real life superhero team made up of creators and their comic heroes. Many of the artists and writers involved in Heroes Ignited have successful Kickstarter’s of their own and have stand alone books and series that provide the readers with a base for all of the characters. A real life justice league of creators and avengers that are trying to innovate the game and become true collaborators.

Heroes Ignited is a mash up of eight different books, eight different worlds, and eight different creative vibes that are bound to be more than just an eight creator mash up, their about to combine all these ingredients into their own stand alone universe. I feel that this new league of avenging indie creators has potential to be more than the other superhero mashups because unlike the others it brings together the ideas and creativity of eight different creator teams.

These are the eight books that are being brought together in this Kickstarter.
Like Father, Like Daughter

Like Father Like Daughter 1

Pinkwing and The Prime-Controller

Pinkwing and Prime Controller 1




Voluntaryist 1


Stealth 1

Knight Hunter

KnightHunter 1


Gritt 1


Utter 1

Each book and each character brings its own style and flavor to the Heroes Ignited book. The idea of a superhero team isn’t new but the collaboration efforts and teamwork involved is completely innovative and an idea more than worth backing. This could be a game changer for indie creators, we just need to see it through.

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