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Hideous Energy Interviews Tom Brevoort

Tom Brevoort

Tom Brevoort, Executive Editor and Senior Vice President of Publishing for Marvel Comics, took time out of his busy day to talk to myself and David Hopkins for our podcast, Hideous Energy. We are massive comic fans, which is probably easy to infer from my writing for this site, as well as co-hosting a weekly podcast dedicated to the art form. It isn’t enough for us to just enjoy them as a form of escapism or entertainment though. The need to know more, to seek it out constantly and never stop, is what drives Hideous Energy. We have a ton of fun recording the episodes, and are never too strict about where our minds take us.

In this interview Tom Brevoort spoke to us for a little over an hour (1:05:06), about everything from exactly what books he edits, what the term “Executive Editor” actually means he does, and whether or not “Speedball” is a good name for a character who isn’t living in an alley/his own filth. It was a ton of fun to talk with him, and genuinely informative and interesting. Check it out, and let us know what you think. Also, don’t be afraid to check out our other interviews and shows. Recently we interviewed Robert Venditti and Joshua Hale Fialkov! This is one of the many interviews we have lined up in our approach to episode #50, which will feature some fun and awesome stuff! You can listen on our blog, download us on iTunes, over even swing over to the official Comic Booked podcast page to check us and other podcasts out. Go do that.




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Fantastic interview! I love how respectful you guys are with the creators.

Cool!! Can't wait to hear this!

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