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Holy Crime Wave Batman


Like a scene straight out of a crime comic book….Thieves broke into Alpha Comics in Calgary, Alberta, early Thursday, and took more than 500 comic books and trade paperbacks, stuffing them in a garbage bag.Although no high-value comics were stolen, owner Chris Humphries told CTV Calgary the price for that many titles adds up, amounting to a loss of several thousand dollars.


“There was some really cool comics that got stolen, that were written and created by people who are trying to make comics better,” he said. “The dollar value of the individual comics is not very high, actually I sell comics in this store here at the suggested U.S. retail price, so per comic it’s not very expensive, but they took a lot.”

A list of the comics stolen has been posted.

Thursday morning at 3am Alpha Comics was broken into and a lot of comics were stolen. The following is an approximated list of comics by title that were stolen. Please share this post so the community knows to look out if these comics if they try to sell them.

Single issue comics:

Afterlife with Archie
American Vampire
Black Science
Bitch Planet
Deadly Class
Doctor Who
Rat Queens

Trade paperbacks:
Frank Cho Women volume 2
The Valiant

The comics were loose – not in a bag ‘n board.
The three persons that did this threw the comics into a sack so they are most likely damaged.

The thieves smashed a window doing property damage as well as throwing several comics all around the store. Hopefully in the coming days the individuals involved in the theft will be brought to justice.

Sadly the store is now looking into getting bars for the windows.Because this is not the first time this year that Alpha Comics has had a break-in.

“People want to talk about bars.This is actually a topic that’s been talked about in the store a lot since the smash in back in January. The atmosphere and aesthetic of Alpha Comics is important. It’s part of it’s identity. I spend 50 hours a week working at Alpha Comics. I CHOOSE to not work behind bars. There are other options I am exploring. Choosing not to have bars doesn’t make it so that Alpha deserved to be broken into and trashed.”

Please show your support and visit Alpha Comics on Facebook with some words of encouragement.

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Michael Barnes

I will keep tabs on this story if the thieves involved are caught I will post as a follow up story

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