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Spidey has web wings in Spider-man: Homecoming


“My God, they showed the new Spider-costume! He has his wings under his arm!”

wingsUnveiled today by an attendee to the Comic Con Experience 2016 in Brazil, and posted quickly online, is the fact that in the upcoming Sony film “Spider-man: Homecoming”, Spider-man’s costume will feature a set of web wings, hearkening back to his classic costumes of yore.

MEU DEUS ELES MOSTRARAM O NOVO TRAJE DO ARANHA!!! ELE TEM AS ASAS DEBAIXO DO BRAÇO!!! // NEW SUIT WITH THE WEB WINGS!!!#SpiderManHomecoming”  The con-goer – named Guilheme Milano  – exclaimed excitedly as Sony showed special footage from the movie.

In other words:

“My God, they showed the new Spider-costume! He has his wings under his arm!”

The panel where the exclusive footage was shown was the SONY panel that also talked about the upcoming “Final Chapter” in the Resident Evil franchise and had guests Milla Jovovich and direct Paul WS Anderson in attendance.  The event was listed in the programming as follows:

SONY PICTURES: With special guests And the presence of Milla Jovovich and Paul WS Anderson, Sony Pictures presents novelties Of Resident Evil 6: O Final Chapter, Spider-Man: Homecoming and others great releases

This latest in news releases about the upcoming Spider-man movie confirms a rumor that started in the spring time about the potential for under-arm webbing.  The webbing itself was initially drawn in to the suit by artist Steve Ditko.  At the time, there was no functional benefit to having the webbing, it was purely for visual effect.
Ditko’s webbed costume was featured on the cover of the iconic Amazing Fantasy # 15 from 1962. Written by Stan Lee and with art by Steve Ditko, that particular issue propelled Peter Parker – Spider-man in to the hallowed ranks of the most iconic, most popular and most easily recognized of all superheroes.
 The earliest iterations of the webbed costume had the webbing on Parker’s costume rather large but in later versions by other artists, the webs shrunk and his webs actually began to have practical functionality.  Akin to Green Lantern’s constructs, Spider-man was able to create various objects with his webbing such as rafts, parachutes, shields and nets for himself and with which he could catch his foe.
Current speculation is that the full trailer for Spider-man: Homecoming will premiere during the opening trailers for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story on December 16th.  If you head to the theaters that weekend, look for the trailer and look for the webbing and the classic costume features!

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