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How The Superfriends Defined Lex Luthor


Lex Luthor has done a lot of crazy things over the years- from stealing cakes, to becoming president, and he has even gone so far to kill off alternate universe versions of himself.  It’s probably the reason why it was a unanimous vote to have him as our character of the month, which always includes a stellar biography by THE Jordamus Prime (which you can find here). Growing up I wasn’t a very big Superman fan, as I wasn’t too keen on much DC at all, about all the DC Comics I read were Flash and Batman, that was until Cartoon Network started airing  The Super Friends.   Then all of that changed, I had to learn everything I could about all these characters so I used something called “the Internet” and started researching on every character, and the one that really struck me as awesome was Lex Luthor.

This guy was such a power house, he was this leader of this super awesome group of villains called “The Legion of Doom“.  How did one man who had absolutely no powers become the leader of this massive terrorist organization!? So this is kind of my paying homage to the show that really pushed me to start reading DC and learning about the Justice League, The Lantern Corps, and not to mention Lex Corp.  Enjoy!

Yes, the Super Friends might have been one of the cheesiest shows ever, but there were so many great characters!   I didn’t quite enjoy it as much when it came down to the wonder twins and gleek being the other members, but the days of Flash, Green Lantern, Apache Chief, I thought were just awesome.  Oh and don’t even get me started on the “junior” Super Friends… way to dumb down a great idea.   But that was just the good guy side.  The best part of the show for me was the Legion of Doom who provided some hilarious one liners and some incredibly stupid terrorist acts.  Yeah it was cheesy and ridiculous, but its the reason I started reading DC Comics in the first place and for that Super Friends I am nothing but grateful!

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One day, when no one was looking, Lex Luthor stole 40 cakes! 40 Cakes! That's as many as four-tens, and that's terrible!

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