Hulk Smash! Green Lantern Shines His Light!


The Hulk And Green Lantern are my two of my favorite comic book characters. In a way they kind of reflect the two sides of my personality. The one side of me that just wants to just smash everything, and the other side of me that wants to shine his light on the world for the good of humanity. Welcome to my weekly column. Where I will be choosing two things each week. One I want to smash, and one I want to shine my light on.

Hulk want to smash Zack Snyder this week.  Zack acting like arrogant jerk, and calling Ant Man “flavor of the week”. Ant Man was founding member of Avengers just like Hulk.  He deserve more respect.  Hulk think Zack should pay more attention to own movies, instead of trash talking Marvel.  Marvel leading box office numbers, and making better movies than DC right now.  This big talk from man who spend more time adding CG blood to movies, than making good story.  If Batman Vs. Superman make as much money as Marvel movie, then maybe he can open mouth and talk trash. Until then, shut up or I will smash you and make real blood flow, instead of just CG blood that you known for.


This is why I never want to be on your bad side, my Jade Juggernaut.  I do have some news that should cheer you up a little.  Legendary Pictures and Warner Brothers are apparently going to make a new Godzilla Vs. King Kong movie. Legendary pictures is moving their upcoming King Kong reboot, currently titled Skull Island, from Universal over to Warner Brothers so that both properties can be under one roof. They are planning to release this movie some time after the Godzilla sequel that is planned for 2018. Hulk

That great news, Hulk love monster movies.  Godzilla and King Kong like big brothers Hulk never had.

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