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Hulk Smash! Green Lantern Shines His Light!


The Hulk And Green Lantern are my two of my favorite comic book characters.  In a way they kind of reflect the two sides of my personality.  The one side of me that just wants to just smash everything, and the other side of me that wants to shine his light on the world for the good of humanity.  Welcome to my weekly column.  Where I will be choosing two things each week.  One I want to smash, and one I want to shine my light on.

Hulk, Smash! Hulk not like what Josh Trank and Fox do to Fantastic Four.  Hulk think they have heads up asses. Hulk make better movie with camera phone, and bums he find on street.  Hulk disturbed because movie feel like Stan Lee and Jack Kirby being raped.  Hulk want to see Secret Wars movie, but Dr. Doom trapped in reinvention hell.  Hulk want to fight Thing, but Fox say no we can’t be on same screen together.  Hulk very angry!!

Hulk, hate Fox! Fox pretend to be Hulk’s friend, but Fox not Hulk’s friend!

Fear not, my Green Gargantuan friend.  In brightest day and blackest night no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil’s power, (I’m looking at you Fox) beware my power, Green Lantern’s Light!  There is hope to be had, in the form of an online petition to get Fox to give the rights back to Marvel Studios.  It is already over 30,000 signatures strong, and still growing.  Even Kevin Feige has signed the petition, and his comment of “Hi Fox!!!!” is currently garnering the most likes as well.  The hope may be small, but at least it is there, my friend.  Now share this petition with all your friends, and maybe we can get Marvel’s first family back home where they belong.

Where there is light in the galaxy there is hope.

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