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Hunk-A-Hunk-A John Carter: Warrior of Mars #9

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Hunk-A-Hunk-A John Carter: Warrior of Mars #9 

Did Dynamite Comics comic artists get inspired by Magic Mike?  Did they go to Miami Beach for cover models in this installment of John Carter: Warrior of Mars #9???  Hmmmm… Not sure, but I saw a few ladies buying the comic book!

Marketing, marketing, marketing!  If your sole interest is the writing, know there have been some hurdles leaped with the Ron Marz and Iam Edgington combo – great lines and fab hooks to the story!

John Carter, Dynamite Comics, Dejah, Warlord of Mars, Dynamite Entertainment,

Writer: Ron Marz & Iam Edgington

Artist:  Ariel Medel

Cover: Ed Benes(A), Bart Sears(B) and Emanuela Lupacchino(C)

4 thumbs up out of 5 – cause the cover rocks, great story line and fantastic art!  Stepping up John Carter – best!!!

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Somethings Cooking!

Dejah Thoris finds herself back through the rift in time and in a dungeon with something cooking that is NOT dinner!  No split pea in this soup, it’s all… ummm….arms?  Starting to get concerned, she turns to view the beast that would attach the recently cooked arm to his body and call it ‘precious’…  Time to bail, Dejah!  Quick, fast and in a hurry!

manmade monster, Dejah Thoris, Dynamite Comics, John Carter, Mars, Helium, Princess of HeliumJohn Carter saves the day!  (and Dejah)


Escaping with the other prisoners, Dejah finds herself running, fighting and kicking some butuski until John Carter finds her.  Of course, she lets him know she didn’t need his help, but then, thinking better of that comment, appreciates his muscly countenance and assistance in slaying the man made beast.  She can bring home the bacon and … you know the rest!  🙂  Story action remained constant throughout – without ‘trying’ to keep the action going.  Well played!

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