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I Am a Casualty of The Latest Hulk War

RULK punches the Watcher. ComicBooked
When the Red Hulk (RULK) was introduced in the 2008 re-launch of the Hulk series I was pretty pumped about the character. I expected some hits and misses plot-wise, but finding out just who this bad-ass Red Hulk was kept me interested. He kicked the crap out of the beloved green Hulk (and then some), knocked around She-Hulk pretty handily and also nailed Thor with his own hammer. Let’s not forget the fact that RULK punched out the Watcher. The friggin’ Watcher! Now that was awesome.

World War Hulks. ComicBooked

All of that was followed by the epic events called Fall of The Hulks and the current World War Hulks. When the top Hulk villains started plotting their strategy to “save the world,” things were looking pretty good, but I felt let down as the storyline continued into World War Hulks. I never purchased War of the Hulks: The Savage She-Hulks, but sadly grabbed Hulked Out Heroes and man oh man, talk about jumped the shark.

I know there are some who will disagree with my hulk bashing (don’t hate me Greg Pak), but let me leave you with a couple of final thoughts. I will read the remaining issues of this series and hope it doesn’t morph into an event titled Hulkocalypse. The latest World War Hulks issue was pretty good, but a tad expected with respect to one of its main characters. You see, the Red Hulk is…

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Comments (5)

I think it is so LAME who turned out to be the RULK!

I missed a lot of this run, but I'm catching up. It's so-so, but I've enjoyed most of what I've read so far.

The Agent Burgos – I completely agree with you there. I expected it.

Comic Booked: There are some great moments for sure, but not enough of them. I have found the storytelling very inconsistent.

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