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In Review: Flee

Flee, Arcana, Raphael Moran, Ed Watson, Marc Borstel, Atul Bakshi, ET Dollman, Dream Reavers, Ape, comics

If it seems I’m a big fan of Raphael Moran’s work, that’s because I am! He and the folks he works with always deliver something creative and fresh when it comes to comics stories. I recently reviewed the trade for Dream Reavers, a great series you should already have read! (Shame on you if you haven’t done that!)

Now he’s got a new series beginning this week called Flee, and you should be reading it as well!

Here’s the description: “Bug Exterminator Rigby Pinkerton is one of the biggest losers in the world. His ex-wife left him penniless, and now he’s stuck at home living with his plastic surgery obsessed Mom. His life suddenly gets more complicated when he unwillingly gets caught in a intergalactic war that literally crash lands into his backyard. He’s the only one that can stop a deadly alien swarm and help a lone alien hero save the universe. Too bad Rigby has better things to do… like fawning over the hot new single mother that moved in next door. It’s a sci-fi alien invasion comedy unlike anything you’ll see. It features artwork from Ed WastonMarc Borstel and Atul BakshiET Dollman is doing the lettering. It’s all from the mind of artist/writer, Raphael Moran.”

Flee contains two storylines that simply couldn’t be more different. The space tale is very powerful sci-fi, full of interesting alien races and artifacts upon which the fate of many relies. On the other hand, Rigby’s experience is much more focused on interpersonal conflicts and everyday life on Earth.

It’s the intersection of the two plotlines that makes it a unique, fun and interesting read! I know I didn’t expect what happened, and there’s no way I’m going to spoil that here. You’ll just have to read it to find out!

Things move along at a rapid pace, adeptly moving from one storyline to another. The art is also very strong and clear, making even the various space races easily distinguishable one from another as well as the denizens of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Flee, Arcana, Raphael Moran, Ed Watson, Marc Borstel, Atul Bakshi, ET Dollman, Dream Reavers, Ape, comicsThe person I was most entertained by was Rigby’s mom, who is unlike any mother I’ve ever seen in comics. She’s sassy, funny and quirky, the perfect foil for her more standard son. Rigby’s best line is, “Prepare to be exterminated,” something a person in his line of work might say! Then, too, new neighbor Rita is everything Rigby would want in a woman… even though he’s not certain he’ll ever be able to win her over.

Even his dog Mensa (Even his name made me smile!) has some great bits in the story as he gets involved in the invasion. Both fun and funny stuff!

If you are ready for an enjoyable read that is both way out in outer space and down to earth, pick up Flee. You won’t be disappointed, believe me!

So, how do you get to read Flee? It’s being released digitally one chapter per month through ComiXology. There will be four chapters adding up to a total of 90 pages. The best news is that the first chapter, which will have 25 pages, will be available starting this Wednesday,  August 29. Once all the chapters have all been released, Arcana will then publish the entire work as a trade in January, 2013. But take my word for it – you’ll want to download the chapters as quickly as they become available!

Don’t forget to follow Flee at and on twitter @raphaelmoran. (And by the way, the title of this series could also have been spelled Flea, in my opinion! But it works both ways!)

To listen to my interviews with Raph (who, full disclosure, is also a writer here at during my Wayne’s Comics podcast, you can listen to the first one here and the second one at this location!

Flee, Arcana, Raphael Moran, Ed Watson, Marc Borstel, Atul Bakshi, ET Dollman, Dream Reavers, Ape, comics

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