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In The Name Of Charity

Pop Event 2011

Almost a year ago, I  posted about a situation that hit very close to home and how wonderful Susan G. Komen was to help out my family.  I immediately became a supporter of the organization she is with as they came to help out a young girl (my cousin) in a time of worry and then took care of EVERYTHING.

Being honest, I don’t usually give to charity.  I make a large detour when I hear the chiming Santa’s at Christmas, I ignore transients or ask THEM for money in return (that’ll come back to bite me in the ass one of these days, I’m sure haha) and I don’t donate to research or Ronald McDonald.  I don’t even like helping out when kids are going door to door fundraising (for the simple fact that the companies are using the poor little kids to do their selling and offering them nothing in return). However, when I see an organization so selflessly helping others, especially children, I change my stubborn, hard headed views.  That brings me to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

I don’t share everything on my posts, but today I’m going to tell you a little story.  I have three beautiful sisters.  I am the oldest (by far), and therefore was fortunate enough to be there through the many stages of their growing up.Victoria

The oldest of the three, at age 14, was having some issues. She would get headaches all the time, wouldn’t feel well, and the doctors didn’t know what was wrong. Eventually, they found out that she had excess fluid in her skull surrounding the brain and causing too much pressure.  My little sister had to go in for brain surgery.

Now, in my family we deal with things as they happen and try not to worry about things that can’t be changed.  That being said, details were kept minimal as she was so young and fragile; there was no reason to give her any added stress.  My sister went in for her surgery and our family went to show love and support.

That brings us to September of 2003, when the surgery actually took place. Immediately as we entered the  hospital, there was a giant, wall sized tower with ramps and shoots and slides, encapsulated inside of two Plexiglas walls.  It had a ball that would drop from the top and roll through the maze and shoots and slides until it got to the bottom and started all over again.  Like a gigantic game of Mouse Trap! I LOVED that game!

Needless to say, something so simple was able to capture my attention and bring a smile to my face, imagine how it must help all the worried children that come through that door on a daily basis!  The inside of the building is brightly colored and there was no heavy, ominous, suffocating air.  It did not feel like any of the hospitals that I’d ever had to visit!  My sister was also extremely calm and upbeat about the whole experience.  There was happy, brightly colored art everywhere and signs showing who donated the piece or donated money to be able to get such decorations.  Little pieces of help go such a long way in this case!

The surgery was completed in a short amount of time, time in which our family took advantage of the large soft benches in the waiting room, rather than worrying in uncomfortable, hard chairs in an equally uncomfortable tile room.  A stint,  was placed under the skin on the top of her head to slow the eventual build up of more fluid.  She came home as a groggy and sore, yet happy little ladybug.  It was a tremendously positive experience.  Everyone was very nice and at no time did I hear any uncomfortable sobs or shrieks from sick children.

That being said, I am a HUGE fan of children’s hospitals now.  I believe that Phoenix MUST go above and beyond and if not, then I praise ALL of the other children’s hospitals that I have yet to visit.

Now, for the point of that long story! On September 10th, I, along with many great artists, including Zenescopes Mike DeBalfo, Raven Gregory, Tony Parker and ladies in Cosplay, will be joining together at Pop Culture Paradise in Tempe, AZ to raise money for the Phoenix Childrens Hospital.  Please join me and the company that is organizing this charity event from 1pm-5pm and get original art and photo ops with myself and the other ladies.

With our help, we can keep children happy, as they should be, and more comfortable when life throws scary, adult situations their way.  Thank you for taking the time to read my story.  My sister has since had 1 follow up surgery, in 2007, in which they were able to find the cause of the build up, because of documentation they were able to compare to when she went to Phoenix Childrens.  Unfortunately it isn’t something that we can prevent at this time but she remains the beautiful, happy, goofy girl she’s always been.  I love her, and all of my siblings to a degree that only siblings can understand.  <3

Pop Event 2011

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glad your sister is doing good. hope you all do well at this event! and raise lots of money!

Wow, what a fantastic and personal article! Thank goodness you have people like Victoria on your staff!

Victoria Paege

Thanks guys ^_^ she is doing well. Hopefully I can get some more pictures of us up or something fun.

Very touching…that had to be hard to go through. Great personal piece.

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