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Independent Comic Spotlight 2018 Vol. II

Anatomy of Metahuman

Hello there, comic fans!  I’m back with a second installment for 2018 of a fun little column we like to call Independent Comic Spotlight.  Indy creators send me books and comics and products and I read them, look them over, and test them out… for you!  (And for them.  And me.)  Here are some recent highlights for you to check out…


Some Super Fun Indy Comic Books Worth a Read:

  • Bad Girls by Alex De Campi and Victor Santos
  • All the Answers by Michael Kupperman
  • Skip to the End by Jeremy Holt, Alex Diotto, Renzo Podesta, Adam Wollet, and Tim Daniel (personal favorite)
  • Scoop Vol. 1: Breaking News by Richard Hamilton, Joseph Cooper, Peter Pantazis, and Alba Cardona

Book Books Sent My Way:

  • The SNES Omnibus: The Super Nintendo and Its Games: Volume 1 by Brett Weiss
  • Super Hero Ethics by Travis Smith
  • Anatomy of a Metahuman by S. D Perry, Matthew K. Manning, and Ming Doyle (personal favorite)
  • Battle at the Comic Expo by Richard Andreoli


That’s it for now.  See you in a few months for the next installment of Independent Comic Spotlight!  Don’t forget to give our indy creators some love… they’re the future of the industry!

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