Independent Comic Spotlight 2020 Vol. 3

Surprise!  Here’s one final new installment of Independent Comic Spotlight for 2020.  Enjoy the third volume of 2020’s newest indy content, and be sure to hit me up for details and support these awesome creators while we explore new and exciting comic (and not comic) content just in time Christmas!

Fun for Everyone:

  • Mega Awesome Notebook by Kevin Minor
    • Schiffer Publishing
    • softcover, color, all ages
    • original graphic novel
  • The Complete Origamiac Comics Series: Pulp Affliction, Crime and Parchment, Missive in Action, Stationary Target, and Ori-Geddon by Seth Levens
    • self-published
    • softcover, black and white, all ages
    • trade paperback collection)
  • Frankie Comics by Rachel Dukes
    • Oni Press
    • hardcover, color, all ages
    • trade paperback collection

Must-Have Favorites:

  • The Pull by Steve Orlando, Ricardo Lopez Ortiz, and Triona Farrell
    • TKO Studios
    • softcover, color, mature
    • trade paperback collection
  • Reckless by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips
    • Image
    • hardcover, color, mature
    • original graphic novel
  • Dracula, motherf**ker! by Alex de Campi and Erica Henderson
    • Image
    • hardcover, color, teen
    • original graphic novel
  • Kill a Man by Steve Orlando, Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Al Morgan, and Jim Campbell
    • Aftershock
    • softcover, color, mature
    • original graphic novel
  • Ninja High School: Indie Wars by Ben Dunn and others
    • Antarctic Press
    • softcover, color, teen
    • original graphic novel

So there you have it. Another installment of Independent Comic Spotlight. Have a comic you want reviewed? How about a graphic novel? Or maybe even a book? I’d love to read it. But I’d love a physical copy. Email me at or reach out to me on Twitter (jeffhillwriter) and we’ll get you thrown into the queue for Vol. 1 of 2021. See you then. In the meantime, be a good literary citizen and pick up all of the books that interest you featured in this edition of Independent Comic Spotlight. Happy reading!

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