The Indestructible #1 Review


Written by Duncan Marshall, Kalen Artinian, and Matthew Almeida
Illustrated by Duncan Marshall

Part of what makes the indie comic scene so fun is the fact that ideas flow freely between friends and fellow creators. The indie community is full of ideas and usually those ideas start with a simple mention and eventually make their way to the page. Community, commitment, and a willingness to let an idea bloom is not only what indie comics are about, it’s what helped get Indestructible made.

I wholeheartedly admire the way Marshall, Artinian, and Almeida came together to for the idea for Indestructible. Indestructible is about a blacksmith and the trials he goes through standing up against the ruthless Fox King and his terrible reign. What is most beautiful about this book is the collaboration between creators in crafting this vast world that is obviously full of lore and has a rich history. I can tell from reading issue one that Indestructible was well thought out more than likely planned over years not days or months. It’s clear that the tale of the Blacksmith and the horrors of the Fox King have been thought out to near perfection. I certainly believe in the idea and I feel that issue one is a great start to something that can really go far, especially if they continue to collaborate and let the ideas flow through the three of them.

Marshall is in a unique position as a writer and an artist, not one that I necessarily envy but one that holds a lot of potential. As a writer that also illustrates most of what he purposes in the writers circle, I’m sure, is already thought out in head. Marshall knows the look of the villains and feel of the characters even before he’s done writing them into the story. Marshall’s art is raw; pen and pad, or pencil and pad, and has a feel of old Asian influences like things from the Feudal Japanese era or ancient Chinese art from roughly the same period as the Feudal Japanese era. I think my favorite part are the Iron Fox Assassination Squadron that the Fox King sends to take out the Blacksmith. The art is incredibly detailed and the assassins are simply beautiful to look at.

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love this book – randomly discovered it at a shop in Toronto

Matthew Modine

Loved it start to finish. Stumbled across this while using the toilet at John Cusacks.

Wooah! Most excellent comic dudes! Totally awesome!

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