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Indie Review: The Creators


Earlier this summer I was surfing through my news feed on Facebook and saw a post about a Kickstarter project.  That Kickstarter project was The Creators by Michael S. Bracco.  At first glance I thought this comic book looked pretty damn cool.  Not only do I want to see some great artwork when it comes to comic books, I want to see a great story as well.  So I backed this project since it looked as if it had both of these things.  This project was funded very quickly.  The original goal was $300 but it surpassed that level and made over $5000.  That is one hell of a hurdle over the original goal.  The review below is pretty spoiler free.  So take a look at what you can expect from The Creators.

Battle Tusk

This comic book tells the stories of The Creators, which are some teenagers who have the special power being able to bring their drawings to life.  This is something every artist I’m sure has dreamed of at one time or another.  But Michael brings this story to life with twist and turns along with human emotions from many of the characters.  These young people aren’t alone but feel alone and confused as many teenagers do in life.  This first issue starts off with us meeting some of The Creators.  But these Creators must face the justice of The Bureau of Creative Enforcement.  This agency is here to take in The Creators and help them with these incredible powers.  But in the words of Transformers there might be more than meets the eye with the B.C.E.  This story shows us some of the brute force a Creator can wield when we see the monstrous Battle Tusk.  This is where we get to see some of the great artwork Michael displays.  You definitely would not want to see this Battle Tusk coming at you in full rage mode.  The agents of the B.C.E. seem to have their hands full with this creature.  It appears they won’t be able to defeat this creature.  There is only one lethal way to handle this.  Check out The Creators to find out more!

After the Battle Tusk panels we see another Creator and her family.  This is where we see more of the human emotion spill on to the page.  What will the parents do with their little girl who has this unbelievable power?  Only time will tell.  Along with a well thought out story, is the artwork.  Michael S. Bracco has a unique and flowing style.  He mixes in black and white tones with hints of red coloring to bring life to this story.  This style makes this comic book what it is.  It sets a tone to the whole comic book.  He delivers us some wonderful panels and splash pages to see this wonderful mixture of coloring and detail.  Original stories and artwork breathe life into this comic book.  This is what indie comic books should be; fun, different, exciting and great vision from the artist.  Don’t just believe me.  Check out this book when it is available in Early September on

Or if you happen to be attending Baltimore Comic Con in Sept 8-9th, check out Michael S. Bracco in Artist Alley where he will be selling copies of The Creators.  This comic has 48 pages for you to enjoy.  So take a look at The Creators and this new world Michael has created.  Let’s bring our illustrations to life!

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