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Indie Spotlight- So What? Press- MOCCA Exclusive Preview

So What

So What Press! is a daring new indie publisher straight out of Brooklyn, NY. Writer Dave Kelly and artist Lara Antal self published their first book, Tales of the Night Watchman a few years ago. Together they started a new publishing label called, So What? Press and published the anthology book, “BREAKERS.” Since then they’ve started to stretch out to publish even more books. This April “So What? Press” is showing up at MOCCA festival. What is MOCCA? It’s the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art. It’s the second biggest Comic Con in New York next to, well… the New York Comic Con. Unlike that crowded monster of commercial nonsense, this comic con is devoted to the best Indie Comics in the city.

I reviewed their flagship title, Tales of the Night Watchman last year. I’ll be reviewing more titles from “So What? Press” in the coming weeks as well as setting up a interview with its creators. Here’s the premise of the series.

Tales of the Night Watchman is the story of Nora, a blogger  stuck working a dead end job in coffee, and her roommate, Charlie, who  happens to be possessed (in the nicest way possible) by a spectral  detective called the Night Watchman. Baristas by day, heroes by night,  Nora and Charlie are the only ones who can save the day when an influx  of paranormal activity summons the return of their arch-nemesis Merrick.

So WhatIt’s one of the first supernatural superheroes that I could ever think of that came from Brooklyn. Since that’s my hometown as well, it was a joy to see someone do this. The book is filled with real locations and fun characters. The new book they’re debuting at MOCCA is called Tales of the Night Watchman Presents: It Came from the Gowanus Canal.” Here’s what this new comic will be about as well as a preview of the issue as well.


Something evil is lurking below Brooklyn’s Gowanus Canal and it’s killing the  locals. Serena thinks she’s confirmed the existence of the legendary  “Gowanus Golem”, but after dragging the Night Watchman into it, their  investigation turns up something unexpected… and a lot more  frightening. Tales of the Night Watchman Presents: It Came from the Gowanus Canal is a one-shot written by Dave Kelly with artwork by Molly Ostertag (Strong Female Protagonist, Tales of the Night Watchman Presents: The Night Collector). $5.00, 40 pages. Published by So What? Press. It will debut at the  Society of Illustrator’s MoCCA Arts Festival on April 5 & 6, 2014 in New York City and will hit stores thereafter as well as online here at SO WHAT? PRESS.

Find out more about MOCCA Festival at their website here. It’s April 5th and 6th. Check out So What! Press and all the other great indie creators there.

So WhatSo What

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