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Infernus Gets Comic Booked!


Hello everyone BalbowskiNation is back with an all new exclusive interview with Alex Ralston aka Infernus. After interviewing Colin Bass (Crimson Blur) , Brett Mason (Diesel) and Randy Ralston (Jade Sorcerer) I thought the next candidate had to be Alex. Alex plays a Mystical Samurai from The Quest, a super hero web series by Comic Booked Studios. For first time viewers, The Quest is based on a young super hero named Crimson Blur. Any guesses on his power? If you guessed hyper adaptive super speed, then you guessed right. The Crimson Blur’s main mission is to avenge his father’s death by fixing the problems that his father created.

Infernus in his battle stance

Infernus in his battle stance

Alex’s character has gone through some changes recently. Alex first came onto the show as a fire samurai that fought for good. His name was Hinoken. Bruce Balbowski, who is played by me, found Hinoken and asked him to join The Dreaded Heroes. In the season 2 finale you saw Hinoken turn evil after gaining control of an evil shadow item. Now we refer to him as Infernus (pretend someone said Infernus really scary) and because of his shadow item he now shoots purple fire, yes, purple fire!

Alex is also in a band called The Minotaur. They do a ton of music for The Quest and our other videos. Alex is a very talented guitarist who does his own recording and mixing for all his tracks. The Minotaur have their own Facebook and Soundcloud. Check them both out for free music and updates.

Now for the feature presentation. Sit back, relax and enjoy Infernus Gets Comic Booked.


Thanks for watching. Also we have a new project called WarZone. A one on one death match scenario. So please check that out when you get a chance. And don’t forget to hit me up on:






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I was wondering when the next one of these was going to come up. Keep 'em coming, guys!

Infernus is way better than Hinoken!

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