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Interview with Julian Jay Burton of Red Crow Comics

Red Crow

Ian: Red Crow comics has their hand in a few different pies, can we start with an little synopsis of Red Crow Comics?

Julian Jay Burton: Red Crow Comics is a comic book publishing house, featuring a unique group of characters for avid comic lovers. Red Crow Comics in an independent comic company, formed under an LLC. We wanted to present something fresh to the comic industry with original, creative stories that comic fans can appreciate and relate to.

Ian: Can you tell us about the Bermuda City comic book and how it relates to the webseries?

JJB: The Bermuda City comic is our current release. It’s the first issue of a dark, action thriller. The story revolves around Bermuda City native, Detective Jordan Long and his situation with the activities taking place in the dark city.
This range from being framed by a clone, dealing with a crooked military, mysteriously surviving a plane explosion, and piecing clues as a fugitive. Both the comic and web-series have identical story-lines. The web-series delves into the psyche of Jordan Long, with details that helps explain his character and situation as the comic presents a more epic element.

Ian: Is it hard to cross mediums from comics to live action webseries?

JJB: The crossing of both mediums was a strategy to build an organic fan-base, which can be beneficial to a fairly new comic universe. Aside from comics, we’ve been doing films for ten years, so the transition was much more easier. A comic, one can argue, is fairly close to story-boarding. If you can write a movie script, then a comic script shouldn’t be as nerve wrecking.

Ian: Was starting a webseries based on the comic book always the plan?

JJB: Starting a web-series based on the comic was definitely the plan. We wanted to present the characters and universe before the actual comic was released. This way it could build some interest and anticipation for the first issue.

Ian: Can you tell us a little bit about your other comic Salta?

JJB: Salta is a female super heroine, with the abilities of the Titan Atlas. She’s an archaeologist by trade and stumbled across the Titan’s tomb. With this she discovers the connection to his powers, being that she’s an incarnation of Atlas. Oh, and spell her name backwards. 🙂 We wanted to present a female protagonist with a fresh story-line and a strong sense of Independency. And we didn’t want to introduce her as a sex symbol, which is hard to take serious in the comic world.

Ian: Are there plans to convert Salta into a webseries as well?

JJB: We’re currently working on the second issue, and plan on producing a full-length feature in the future. Actress, Jennifer Burton, will portray the redhead kick-ass!

Red Crow 1

Ian: Do you have more success with comics or webseries, or both?

JJB: I would say both comics and web-series are a success as far as building a raw fanbase. Both mediums gives leverage to the other.

Ian: Do you plan on making anymore comics or webseries and if so will they always go hand in hand?

JJB: We do plan on making many comics and web-series, with more characters. Currently, the only web-series is Bermuda City. This will stay pretty leveled with the comic. But we do have features in the works. Dormant is actually our first feature that includes Jordan Long. This is actually the prequel to Bermuda City, and doesn’t really go hand to hand with the comic. We wanted to show Jordan Long from a different perspective before his journey into Bermuda City. The audience will get to see him from a more personal point of view. This will allow them to grow with the character as he develops in the comics.

Ian: You put together a great team of guys passionate about creating, can you introduce us to them and what their job in the creative process is?

JJB: We’ve had an incredible team for the Bermuda City comic. Pencils was provided by Stanley Weaver from Tampa, Florida. Inks by Shawn Allyene from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Colors by Vitali Iakovlev from Balti, Moldova (Russia). Letters by Ozzie Martin from Miami, Florida. And the illustration for the first issue of Salta was provided by Eric Nelson from New Castle, Pennsylvania.

Ian: Can you tell us what we should be looking forward to from Red Crow Comics?

JJB: We’re currently working on the second issue of Salta, which should be released next year. We do have a poster up, with artwork provided by Heldge C. Balzer from Husum, Germany. Inks and colors by Vitali Iakovlev and Jeremiah Skipper. We’re also working on a mini-series of another Red Crow Comics’ character, Krunch, which will appear in the second issue of Salta. We’ve also completed the next episode to the Bermuda City web-series, which is available on our site. And we plan on releasing feature film Dormant later this year. You can find the official trailer and poster on our site as well.

Ian: Where can people find your products, both comics and webseries?

JJB: You can find both Bermuda City and Salta comics at Indyplanet. We love including our fans’ support by posting their pics on our sites, holding either comic they’ve purchased. And the Bermuda City web-series is available on our official website.

Ian: Where can people find you?

JJB: You can find us at Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and our official site. We will also be attending a number of comic conventions this year: the Huntsville Comic Expo, the Mobile Comic Con, Magic City Con, the Golden Triangle Con, and the Geek Gathering.

Red Crow 2

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