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Interview With Raven Gregory and Contest Announcement!

Wonderland tpb cover

One of the best parts about this gig is getting to converse with the creative people who make my favorite entertainment, and having my questions about it answered. Are your questions about the Wonderland ongoing, which I recently reviewed, the same as mine? Read on to find out!


Scorpio Moon: In the first issue of the Wonderland ongoing series you wrote “Why don’t you start at the beginning? No, not at the beginning. The beginning is the past……Then where should we start? Where do we begin? We start here. We start now. In this time. In this place.” – The realm of Wonderland has a lot of history, was this an acknowledgement of that to the fans, were you purposely communicating something to new readers?

Raven Gregory:  Quite a bit of both actually. With a series like this you have to acknowledge the massive history and mythology that has been developed over the last six years while keeping in mind that you don’t want the story so bogged down in continuity that it’s impossible for new readers to jump into. So Raven Gregory author of Wonderlandwhile the ongoing series does not forget its past it is definitely structured to be accessible to the new reader.

SM: Gore and sexuality are much celebrated aspects of the horror genre, how do you write them into the Wonderland series, and how much communication is there between you and the art team? I’m curious about some of the nuts and bolts here – who decides how much cleavage an issue needs, or how many times a victim’s entrails should be wrapped around their neck?

RG: That’s a tough question, mostly because I don’t try to shoehorn anything in and would rather the gore and the sexuality of the story come about more organically as a result of the story itself. But when I do write these particular scenes I do so mainly in broad strokes so the artist can bring his own vision to the moment.

SM: What is your goal with Wonderland, if you’ve done what you set out to do what will people enjoy the most about it?

RG: The goal is always to tell a good story. I like to think we’ve done that and will continue to do that for as long as the fans will have us.

SM: What would you say to someone who’s very first Zenescope book ever was this trade paperback?

RG: You ain’t ever seen Wonderland quite like this.

SM: Can I have a spoiler, may I please? I’d love an exclusive bit of info on something that’s coming up in the Wonderland ongoing series, even if it’s just little morsel!

RG: A certain purple feline is about to make his long awaited return to the series. A.KA. – things get bloody.


Now we can also officially announce the contest has begun! Do the social media thing with this interview (or the review linked in the beginning) and each “like,” “tweet,” etc. will count as an entry. The randomly awarded prize will be a free copy of the first trade paperback from the Wonderland series!

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I've never even heard of this! The only fairy-tale/Disney stuff I know is Fables and Damsels – neither of which I enjoyed. But I'd like to give dark Disney another go!

(I call it "dark Disney" because many fairy tale adaptations (comics and otherwise) seem more influenced by people's dislike for the watered down version of Disney's interpretations of fairy tales versus a reinterpretation of the fairy tale itself).


Yeah I love comic book websites that turn me on to new stuff, it's another one of the reasons I love doing this so much, all the things I discover!

From what I've read about it, I can't wait to read it… nice to see some fairy tales as they're meant to be, dark and menacing.

This book looks cool,I hope to win it!

Hahaha, I love it! I wanna copy!!

I've been a fan of Raven and Zenescope for a little under a year now. After picking up Fly: Vol 1 i've been hooked since. This is a series I have yet to get into, but his work is awesome/


Sweet interview!

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