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Interviews and sci fi

Hey guys!  I have a lot to talk about today so get ready!

In October I am going to be interviewing Nasty O and Kevin Ray! This will be the same weekend that I am going to San Diego for the Long Beach comic Con.  It seems like it’s a while away but it’s JUST around the corner.  Anything that you want to ask these talented dudes, let me know!! We’ll see if we can get your questions, along with mine answered.

Other than the upcoming interview I will be interviewing Kevin R. Grazier, the scientific advisor for Battlestar Galactica and Eureka

Didn’t know there was so much truth to your favorite syfy shows did you?  I had the opportunity to meet with Kevin at this years Phoenix Comicon and let me tell you, he is a very interesting individual.  I will have that interview to you within the next few weeks.

Speaking of Sci fi (syfy….whatever you choose to call it) Western X is a new western/sci fi series that will be premiering at this years SAC Horror convention .  This highly anticipated series stars cult favorite Vernon Wells (Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, Weird Science, Commando) and has just released a teaser trailer for the premiere.  You can watch it by clicking on the following link –

I will be attending the SAC Horror convention and hosting a Western X panel with actress Deneen Melody and director Michael Flores.  It will be on September 26th at 1pm.  If you are at the convention make sure to drop by!

What new series are you looking forward to?  What series is currently your favorite?

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