Welcome to the Baked Bear Beach Club

If you’ve ever thought the nft market has gone stale with creativity, you need to check out the baked bear Beach club collection. The Bears manage to combine distinct bakedbear trademarks along with a wide array of custom items, clothing, backgrounds, colors, and More! Another great thing about BakedBears? They’re minting RIGHT NOW!
You can Also Stake your bear! By doing so, you will receive tokens, which can be exchanged back to Ethereum and Used to purchase other NFTs.
Additionally, the tokens play a role in the project’s Bear-a-verse. owning a bear comes with a plot of land within the Bear-a-verse and the tokens let you build homes, travel around, and more!
Bakedbear on its way to travel
In addition to the bear-A-Verse, Owning a bear comes with a vote in the decentralized Autonomous organization. Bear owners will be able to vote on things that can affect the bear-a-verse and the community as a whole. All without oversight; the owners (you!) write the story.
Speaking of the community, Did we mention that baked bear also has events, merch, discord access, and Drops? Make sure to join the discord linked below to be in the know for upcoming virtual and in-person events. Want to give your nft a little more exposure? Be sure to make it into an Avatar! and make sure to look out for future drops!!!!