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Introducing Fallen Manga Studios

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Hello everyone my name is Jordan Troche and I am the CEO and Head Writer at Fallen Manga Studios, a Virginia Beach based Manga Studio. My company creates and publishes original Manga stories via Digital release weekly online CHAPTER 26 COVERand Printed Manga. Before I dive into that though I would like to talk some about who I am and why I am doing this. Born in 1985 I grew up watching those amazing Saturday morning cartoons we all loved, Spider Man, X-Men and the Legendary Dragonball Z. From then on I discovered one Anime after the next, Rurouni Kenshin, Gundam Wing, Cowboy Bebop the list goes on and on and reaching the pinnacle of badass Berserk. As I aged I kept watching as much as I possibly could find along with reading Manga online when my family finally got a computer and Internet.

In my early 20’s I decided I wanted to try and write a Manga story inspired by the cool fight scenes in Bleach I opened a word Document and started coming up with ideas. I finally decided on a story of Fallen Angels and their Half Breed children set in a Medieval setting. Imagine a world ravaged by a tyrannical Fallen Angel hell bent on ruling mankind as their God and his Half Human, Half Angel son Ezekiel a Nephlim who has vowed to kill him and save the world. After a couple years I finished the script, over 50 chapters of story I did it! One problem though, I couldnt draw for anything! So I set out onto the web to find an artist and through many trials and tribulations found one.

0 coverAs the art was drawn I began to write other stories and partnered with other Artists all over the world. Launching our website in 2013 we began to release our manga on a page by week basis and began our social media outreach. Garnering over 17,000 likes on Facebook and 3,700 twitter followers we realized people liked what we were doing. Rebranding our logo in 2014 we launched our hit title Death Sin all in manga style art. Death Sin has grabbed many readers attention as a unique take on Demons, Exorcists and Horror manga. 2014 marked the first year we made printed copies of our manga and attended our first comic con on Jekyll Island in Georgia and sold out to my surprise! I realized that Printed Books and Physical merchandise would actually sell and I opened our online store. Our first order was a fan of ours in Spain who ordered 3 Issues of Death Sin and 2 18×24 Posters.


We have partnered with a site called Tapastic to release our stories Via Online a Page a week and they have a kick ass Support Program that people can pay a monthly subscription cost for at least 1 dollar a month to a Creator they like and be rewarded with rewards from that creator. I urge you to check us out on our own Website if you want to shop our merchandise or to browse on your Phone/Tablet/ Computer over at Tapastic and if you choose to help Support Fallen Manga Studios you would earn some pretty Sweet Rewards from us. In the meantime Enjoy some Kick ass ART!

52 59 62 7296

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