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Izzy Gets Comic Booked!

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In short I’m extremely open minded but I know what I like. Active Gamer, serial movie watcher and big time lover of comics. Originally from Long Island, NY but currently living in Brooklyn NY I grew up on 90’s hardcore but developed a love for 80’s punk.

I plan on attending a few cons over the next year or two, so expect some interviews, concerns addressed about your favorite books and a possible sighting or two of me dressed as Patriot from the Young Avengers.

Young Patriot

An endless love for comics and writing lead me to the comic booked family, and I have been welcomed with open arms. When you get a chance be sure to check out all the others guys post on the site. I grew up on comic, and I don’t understand how someone could not just love them as much as I do. With that being said, if you are like me, you love reading interviews and finding out about creators next big projects.

So as I delve into the mind of our favorite creators, give my own insight on the things you and I want to know come join me it should be fun. Aside from all of that, I am currently working on my own personal projects and a web comic of my own that looks to be up and running by this fall. It is going to be a pleasure working with my new Comic Booked family, thanks for letting me take the journey with you guys.

If you have any request or suggestions get in touch with me through my twitter. And my friends that book shows out here in NY always are down to get upcoming bands shows, if you have one feel free to get in touch.



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I'm looking forward to reading your articles.


Welcome aboard. Going to be good times for sure!

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