Jeff Cahn Gets Comic Booked!

Red Spike

If you haven’t checked out Red Spike yet– what is wrong with you!?  No I’m kidding, it’s alright, the trade hits store today!  Did I mention it is filled with extra content?    Some of the extra content you will receive will not only tell more of the story from a different perspective, but give you more insight into what kind of tests the doctor was running on his patients.  We  already covered some Red Spike here on (which was covered by the amazing and talented Michael Wirth) that you can check out here.   But if that didn’t satisfy your thirst for awesome Image material, you can always go buy the trade!  Do you know why?  Because it comes out today!   Yeah I know I said that already– oh fine, I will get to the interview.

Comic Booked: I can’t believe it’s over.  Wait, is it over?

Jeff Cahn: Not sure yet.  I hope not, we have ideas.

Comic Booked: Go on…

Jeff Cahn:  We would love to tell the mythology behind the actual project, tell the story of how it started 25 years ago due to the Cold War.   Maybe cover other character origins or back stories.

Comic Booked:  Would they involve Matt or Greg?

Jeff Cahn:  Both if possible.  We could easily continue to tell a great story for what happens after the series ended.  I would love to have them both there.

Comic Booked:  How did you get involved with Benaroya Publishing?

Jeff Cahn: I had already had a preexisting relationship with Michael Benaroya so that helped.  He told me about this character story with super soldiers and he kind of just let me run with it.

Comic Booked: So we will see you at Wonder Con?

Jeff Cahn: No I will not be there this year too much going on.

Comic Booked: The gritty artwork is amazing… all you, or the God among men Dave Elliot?

Jeff Cahn: My entire team was a no-brainer. Mark really brought the gritty look; it’s more ambient, contrasted nicely.  But yes, Dave Elliot does a remarkable job, he’s great.

Comic Booked: You can work on any comic book you want.  GO!

Jeff Cahn: I think Punisher.   I really dig him.  More amiability, not over the top superhero.  He is an anti-hero.

 Comic Booked: You worked on The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Jeff Cahn: I did!  I interned on Benjamin Button, got a job with the effects team.  Worked with the guys who put Brad Pitt’s old man face on other things.  I was pretty much entering data and changing out cameras and video cards.

Comic Booked:  Two favorite artists?

Jeff Cahn:  Brubaker and Rucka for sure.   Brubaker took Captain America and Bucky to a whole new level.  By the time I was done I was a much bigger fan than when I started.  That says something.

Comic Booked: What’s next for Jeff Cahn?

Jeff Cahn: It’s a supernatural western called Redeemer.  Think Crow set in Deadwood.  

Comic Booked: Anything else you would like to add?

Jeff Cahn: Come to the trade launch March 7th at Meltdown Comics from 6 to 8 pm!

Go get the trade for Red Spike!  It came out today!

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