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JEFF McCOMSEY talented artist and writer is the perfect example of a self starting creator owned machine. If you haven’t heard the name Jeff McCOMSEY don’t worry cause soon it will be everywhere. When it comes to interesting, new, inventive and different comics that is what McCOMSEY is going for and plans to accomplish. Mr. McCOMSEY was kind enough to lend a few words about his current projects, and what he has in store for us eager fans. Join us on the front lines as McCOMSEY GETS COMIC BOOKED
COMICBOOKED: There is a upcoming novel (FUBAR)coming out that you took part in can you gives us some info about that? and the different people involved?

JEFF MCCOMSEY: About early March I decided to put together a World War II Zombie anthology. I had two stories featuring those two themes and I wanted to release them in a larger book so I brought in a bunch of my fellow small press creators. I gave the writers a little direction and let them run wild.  The scripts and art  I got back far exceeded my expectations. There are 17 different writers and artists lending there talents for 13 different shorts on this project.  For starters we got Stephen (JESUS HATES ZOMBIES) Lindsay who penned not one but TWO stories and an excellent foreward, as well as Mike (FIST OF JUSTICE) Imboden wrote a great script for us.  A Belgian artist named Rob Croonenborghs did a great job on his script written by Kyle J. Kaczmarczyk. That is just the tip of the iceberg,  I’ve tried to figure out which I like best and I can’t decide. There is just far too much win in this book.

CB: Do you have any other projects on the horizon?

JMC:I do some work at The Fictory, which is an animation studio founded by my good friend and long time collaborator Joseph Krzemienski, We are producing an ATOMIC ROBO animated short, for which I do storyboards and work with another artist friend of mine Steve Becker on handing the Backgrounds.
I’m working on releasing my baby, AMERICAN TERROR through a weekly webcomic  over at  It updates every Tuesday.  In addition to that I have another book running at called FLUTTER, which updates every Thursday.

CB: Are you attending any cons this year?

JMC:Oh yeah! FUBAR will have a table at the Baltimore comic con, which will be the debut con for that book’s release. I will also be sharing a table at the New York Comic con with FUBAR artist Jonathan Moore. Once FUBAR drops in comic shops I will be organizing a bunch of East Coast signings.

CB: Do you do any commissions? Or have any art for sale?

JMC: I Draw portraits of people and Super heroes with the crap beat out of them here. My first two volumes of AMERICAN TERROR are available here.

CB: Who is your favorite mainstream character? And why?

JMC: I am a big fan of Military/espionage comics. I have always read PUNISHER comics and G I JOE. I love them all, but am particularly fond of Ennis’s run on PUNISHER. I’ll read anything that guy rights and the selection of artists is always spot on. Ennis writes Frank Castle like he is a force of nature. Frank is old and mean and he’s been doing this for decades. I love it.

CB: Are there any characters you would love to get a crack at and work on?

JMC: I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to draw a PUNISHER story or any sort of G I JOE tale.
Drawing a Larry Hama G I JOE script would be a dream job.  After that I am willing to work on whatever character needs drawn that month.CB: Anything you would like to promote?

JMC: Order FUBAR in September when it’s available in Diamond previews. Go Read AMERICAN TERROR and FLUTTER at and check for our Atomic Robo animation blog.
When FUBAR does make its official debut I suggest everyone check it out. I had the pleasure, of getting an amazing preview…meaning all of it. It really is a genius idea that will make you think WHY didn’t I think of that. Great concept, great stories, GO GET IT!!!!

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