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Jim Starlin Teases New Thanos Project

Thanos teasing

I would never recommend teasing a mad Titan, no matter who you are, unless, of course, you are the creator of said Titan, Jim Starlin. Since his first appearance in Iron Man #55, Jim Starlin has brought Thanos into Marvel
Comics as a terrible cosmic force to be reckoned with. With his appearance in the Avengers movie and his recent lead in the Infinity event happening now, Thanos is back in the spotlight.

Jim Starlin posted a picture on his Facebook page yesterday with the following message: “Just finished the last page of a 100 page story I’ve written and penciled for Marvel Comics. But at this time I can’t say what exactly the project is. Details will be released when I can release them. Look for it next summer!”Jim Starlin Thanos

I have always liked Thanos and the Starlin stories are still some of my favorites. I have enjoyed the Infinity crossover event so far, but I feel like it has not really involved Thanos in the way that I wanted, although I really enjoyed the battle between Thanos and Black Bolt… Thanos vs Black Bolt So now we have to wait until summer to see more Thanos? I guess we need to see what falls out of Infinity and how things play out. The Mad Titan can be patient… can you?

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FINALLY! Thanos done right! I can't wait for this!


I'm all for more Starlin space stuff.

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