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Ennis To Write Jimmy’s Bastards for AfterShock Comics

Garth Ennis
Garth Ennis

Aftershock Comics has quickly become a favorite around here with titles like Black Eyed Kids, Animosity, Shipwreck, Dreaming Eagles, Rough Riders, The Revisionist, Super Zero, Alters, and more.  Since their debut in 2015, they’ve partnered with amazing talent such as Joe Pruett himself (BEK), Mark Waid (Captain Kid), Marguerite Bennett (InSEXts, Animosity), Frank Barbiere, Amanda Conner, Szymon Kudranski, Francesco Francavilla, Paul Jenkins, Brian Stelfreeze and – of course – Mike Marts himself.  In fact my counterpart here at comicbooked, Ian Yarington, recently wrote a fantastic write-up of AfterShock comics praising them for continually pushing out superior quality entertainment. You can read that article here (Click the link).   Not only that, but AfterShock Comics made our list of “Best Publishers of 2016” for the 2016 ComicBooked “Best Of” Awards (which you can read at this link) .

Not one to rest on their laurels, AfterShock Comics has announced another title to add to their steadily growing library, and this one is destined to become a hit as well.

For the second time, AfterShock Comics will partner with Garth Ennis to produce a brand new title called Jimmy’s Bastards. Jimmy’s Bastards focuses on a super spy named Jimmy Regent who swash buckles his way through adventure, intrigue and a sea of pretty women.

This book will surely become a “hot book”, a bonafide hit. While the artist paired with Garth Ennis is still to be announced, with a name like Garth Ennis attached, you already know you won’t want to miss this title. Be sure to head down to your local comic book shop to add this to your subscription list.

Jimmy's Bastards

Here is the official description:

Jimmy Regent is Britain’s number one super spy, a devastatingly handsome secret agent with a license to kill and style to match. Sailing effortlessly through mission after mission with wit and panache, defying danger again and again, Jimmy always triumphs and always gets the girl- gets rather a lot of girls, actually. But now a new and particularly dangerous secret organization has arisen, their sights fixed firmly on Jimmy’s head. Two hundred young men and women in ultimate physical condition, trained in all the arts of deception and death, each bearing a curious facial resemblance to…Jimmy? Every one united with one terrible aim: Get Daddy.


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