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Brian Bendis Unveils Two Jinxworld Titles at ECCC



Brian Michael Bendis (Alias, Jessica Jones, Powers) announced two new D.C. Comics comic book titles, which will be published under his Jinxworld imprint. The announcements come as the 2018 Emerald City Comic Con kicks in to high gear.  Bendis will be teaming up with with Michael Gaydos to form the creative super-team. Cover will feature cover art and interiors by David Mack. Releases begin later this summer

Gaydos previously worked with Bendis on the the twenty eight issue run of Alias, the first title under Marvel Comics’ ‘MAX’ imprint. In the “Heatvision” interview, we learn that Gaydos actually went out to purchase a tattoo gun and applied his learned techniques to some of the art in the book.

Pearl is a Shakespearean tale of lovers who can never be together. Pearl (whom the book itself is named after) is a Yakuza tattoo artist living in San Francisco who falls in love with someone from a rival faction. What will happen when the two sides meet?  Here is how Bendis describes the book:

“We have a tattoo artist with a very special skin condition that will make the tattoos on her body very unique — and you’ll see in the very first issue what’s unique about her and the way she makes her tattoos and what her tattoos on her look and feel like. But it also tells the story of two people who are born in this situation that have grown up and find out they may be very different than the situation they were born in. I see this going on a lot lately, more than ever before, where people grow up and go “OK, I was born into this situation, but I really feel I might be a different kind of person,” and find a way. Or they build their own family or they make their own happiness, and that’s the story we are going to tell.”

Cover, pairing up Bendis with David Mack (Kabuki) for covers and interior artwork, tells the tale of a renowned comic book artist recruited to become a human intelligence operative.  Mack previously worked on Jessica Jones and Powers along with Bendis himself.

ALSO: Look to the DC Comics Digital Comic Store before March 7th as DC and Bendis have made available for free the first issue of five titles: Brilliant, Powers, Scarlet, Takio and The United States of Murder Inc.Jinxworld Jinxworld Jinxworld Jinxworld Jinxworld


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