Could Judge Dredd Bring Some Justice To Westeros?


When you think of comic book hard men or characters who you think would face up to tough situations without so much as blinking, most comic book fans would think of Judge Dredd. After all, in more recent times, this is a man who walked into a huge tower block with his partner and essentially arrested or blasted anyone who got in his way! This battle saw Dredd taking on a range of corrupt characters, with the Judge even having to deal with the inconvenience of a training assignment while enforcing the law as he tried to assess whether Anderson was worthy of having the title Judge in front of her name.

Despite having this uncanny ability to basically defeat anyone in any situation, would Judge Dredd be outdone by the fictional Game of Thrones world of Westeros, a landscape filled by opponents competing with each other to try to bring order and justice to a land filled with chaos, scheming, and of course unremitting violence?

Who Would Receive Judgment?

Perhaps the biggest difficulty for Judge Dredd were he to be introduced to Westeros would be which character to align himself with. Although his methods weren’t exactly pleasant, Dredd might have had a little time for the evil reign of Joffrey; at least he had a sense of order in his kingdom, even if in the end the cruelty and law breaking Joffrey committed himself might have led Dredd to have brought him to justice.

One person that it would be hard for Dredd to work out is undoubtedly Daenerys and the reason for that is simple: her unique charm. As 888 explain in their rundown of how the Game of Thrones characters would adapt and perform at the poker table, whether they’re playing Texas Hold’em or Omaha, Dredd would need to work hard to escape the charm of Daenerys, as well as the intellect of the character, which sees her able to pick up a new language in a matter of hours (always a useful skill when needing to pick up the linguistic terminology of the poker world – knowing your full house from your royal flush is essential!). Perhaps Dredd would need to rely upon Anderson’s psychic powers to read her mind and decode her enormous bluffing game, which would translate well from the fictional poker table, or the fictional online poker session with the other Game of Thrones characters to her bid to conquer Westeros.

Could It Happen?!

The fun of speculating who would receive justice is clear for all to see (in the end Dredd would probably just have to take over the iron throne and declare himself the chief justice and protector of the law!) but it isn’t impossible that one day we could see a crossover of Dredd in Westeros, especially now the full Cursed Earth story is available to be read.

Dredd has some pretty incredible stories behind him, and with a new TV show in the works, it shows that as a character, his blind devotion to justice and the law is not going anywhere soon. However, while he has faced a mutant T-Rex, Kleggs and even Judge Death, the chances that a character who is celebrating his 40th birthday is going to be given a chance to bring law and justice to Westeros in an intriguing hypothetical crossover is still unlikely…for now!

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