Just Announced: Munchkin Digital


Munchkin is a card game from Steve Jackson games that has been around for quite a few years and quite a few expansions. The original game was a fun, tongue-in-cheek, dungeon crawling game where your main goal was to level your character from a lowly level 1 human (who has no class, in more ways than one) to a level 10 master of the dungeon. The way to do that? Well, the tagline says “Loot the treasure. Stab your buddy.”

The card game is a lot of fun, having added spies, pirates, superheroes, spacemen, robots, and many more of the various expansion, but this latest announcement is truly a new leap for this game. Dire Wolf and Steve Jackson Games announced that they would partner up for Munchkin Digital, a new digital version of this fun party game. You can check out the trailer here and click on over to their site for more info.

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