Just Another Zenescope Monday: 2/25/15 and 3/4/15

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So this week is a combo edition of Just Another Zenescope Monday. Sorry it can’t be a cool flip book or something, but I leave that fancy crap to Marvel and DC. This week, we catch up on the last part of the Jungle Book trilogy, the new White Queen: Age of Darkness series, and, of course, some Zombies vs. cheerleaders mayhem just in time for St. Patrick’s Day.

Another Zenescope Another Zenescope Another Zenescope

Grimm Fairy Tales presents The Jungle Book: Fall of the Wild – #1-3

This is the final series in the trilogy. For those of you who have seen the Disney movies or read the story by Ruyard Kipling, I will say that this is not your momma’s Jungle Book. A great story woven around names you know but characters who are completely new, this series follows the exploits of Mowgli, a human woman who lives in the jungle with her friends Bagheera and Baloo, a panther and a bear. Through the course of the previous two series, the lines of battle have been drawn between the races and all of Kipling, the island they live on, is now at war.

Mowgli and Bagheera are on a mission to find out what is happening with the island. For some reason, it seems unhappy. We can see that this is really a volcano that is about to erupt, but either way, they need some answers, so they will go to the wisest of the animals, ones who have kept themselves separate all these years, the sloths. Meanwhile, Baloo fights within his own clan to keep the peace and keep the clan from overtaking the surface. Bandar Louis and his motley crew are just trying to get away from Kaa, the giant python that threatens them and keeps them isolated.

The sloths tell Mowgli that she is the only hope for the island. She must unite the tribes and bring peace. All of that falls apart when the Bandar kidnap Akili so that she can be Louis’ bride. The Shere have their own internal struggles that keep them unfocused. They have their own human member, raised by a Shere, who is going to help bring order.

Mowgli uses her resourcefulness by harnessing a herd of grass dancers and riding them through Kaa’s territory in order to rescue Akili. Of course, Kaa wants to sample the couple at their own wedding, storming in and eating everything in site, even Akili and Louis. Dewan swings in at the final moment and slices Kaa open from neck to tail, releasing everyone in a slush of guts and gore. Yum. In the end, Mowgli is kidnapped and a new threat looms large on the horizon, maybe even worse than the burping volcano. We will find out what soon enough. A great tale by Mark L. Miller. My Rating: 4/5

Another ZenescopeZombies vs. Cheerleaders

This is the St. Patrick’s Day special that you have all been waiting for. Just a fun collection of stories pitting two of the most ruthless groups of beings on planet Earth against each other… Cheerleaders vs. Zombies. Who doesn’t want to see some scantily clad cheerleaders kicking zombie butt or getting chomped, whichever. The first story has the cheerleaders dealing with an equally ruthless group, the Lil Clovers, similar to Girl Scouts, with their cookies and their cuteness. Ugh. Then two cheerleaders lost in the woods have to fight off the zombie horde… or do they? Then we jump back in time as steampunk zombies attack a lady and her gentleman while they are on the way to a sporting match. Finally, a little role-playing gone too far? Or just far enough? A great collection of twisted tales that are a perfect fit in the Zenescope line. My Rating: 3.5/5

Another ZenescopeAnother Zenescope

Grim Fairy Tales presents White Queen: Age of Darkness #1 and #2

Callie Liddle is the new White Queen of Wonderland and has been doing all she can to clean up the madness left behind by the Void and the previous queens. During this series, Callie is still under the control of the Dark Queen, because the Dark Queen has Violet, Callie’s daughter. Unfortunately, the harder Callie fights for Wonderland, it seems the hard forces come against her. Today she is commanded by the Dark Queen, via her sadistic Trickster, to hunt down a group of refugees crossing Wonderland and then, as the Trickster quips, “that’s when the fun begins”. This is all fine and good, and Callie understands that her daughter’s life is at stake, but at heart, Callie is a good person and cannot allow innocent people to be slaughtered just so the Dark Queen can make an example of some who defied her. Although she wants to help, she may still be doing the Queen’s bidding.

The answer to all of Callie’s problems is quickly realized in Issue #2 as Callie recalls a dream that came to her shortly after taking over as the White Queen. She dreamed of the history of the child who became the Dark Queen. She even fought her, in Wonderland, and was able to overcome her because Wonderland is what Callie wants it to be. She is the force of will that makes Wonderland what it is today. To find the answers to this problem, Callie will have to call on all her power as well as the knowledge of queens and monsters from Wonderland’s past… even the Jabberwocky himself! This all means a showdown between Callie and the Trickster in issue #3. A lot to look forward to. I love all the Wonderland books and this look deeper into the strength behind Callie is awesome. Great job, folks. My Rating: 4.5/5

That is it for this week. Some past and some present and some future issues that should get you more than interested in this massive cohesive universe that Zenescope has created. The Age of Darkness storyline has been very cool and, although we know that everything seems to work out in about another six months, there is still so much unanswered.

Look for one other article this week with a special giveaway. I have two awesome gifts straight from the folks at Zenescope, so keep your eyes out for a Zenescope Review and Giveaway around the new Little Mermaid series. Thanks for reading and please share this article to all your friends.

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