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Just Another Zenescope Monday: Farewell Easter Bunny

Zenescope Monday

While the Easter Bunny may be gone for another year, we still have the White Rabbit of Wonderland in the pages of the Zenescope comics. Right up until Dark Cheshire gets fed up with his whining and just eats him. Hopefully, the new White Queen can be a strong enough influence on him to strengthen his resolve. Bunny is friend, not food…

But, for all you bunny lovers, Just Another Zenescope Monday wants you to check this out.

Just anotherAnyway, this week we have six books to take a look at, so let’s get going!

Just anotherGrimm Fairy Tales presents Robyn Hood #9

A new story arc launches in this issue as The Plague begins! Remember that last issue Marian was accosted by Avella, who is experiencing some degree of craziness.  Now, with the priest stopped and the fire demon sent back to his hot place, Robyn is hunting down the man who helped her but then ran off with the urn. Peter Martin, a librarian may be more than he says he is, and Robyn is determined to find out what. Meanwhile, Marian is trying to repay Robyn by actually cooking a meal when she gets a special visitor. Turns out the lady that Robyn and Marian helped with a magical spell on her bank account is now suing them because all the money is gone.

Now, Marian and Robyn are out to track down Avella in the hopes of dealing with just one of their problems before they all overwhelm them. The may not work so well as many of their problems seem to be tied together with the Cabal and their plans. These are plans that involve some very interesting people… two very powerful partners. How will the plague be released? Can it be stopped? Read it to find out. My Rating: 4/5

Just another Grimm Fairy Tales presents The Jungle Book: Fall of the Wild #4

Mowgli has been kidnapped and taken from the island! Yeah, that happened last issue as the great volcano belched fire and smoke. Now, she is being hauled out to sea by the God of Fear and Fire, but Bomani is close behind. Back on the island, the Bandar and Tavi tribes have worked together to defeat Ka, the massive serpent, but now they have a new challenge as they unite to save Mowgli while at the same time struggling to survive the eruption of the volcano and other struggles between tribes yet to be resolved. I really love the familiar names of characters in such unfamiliar situations. This is a really great story and this chapter is soon coming to a close as we have only one issue left in this, the greatest adventure that Mowgli has yet to embark upon… a journey to the world of man.

Best line of this issue? “It’s raining elephants and tigers! RUN!” A serious story but still with the wit and fun that you would expect from a solid Zenescope comic. Mark L. Millar puts together a well thought out story and keeps things flowing. I have enjoyed the diverse characters and really look forward to how this chapter of Mowgli’s tale wraps up. My Rating: 4.5/5

Just anotherGrimm Fairy Tales presents White Queen: Age of Darkness #3 (of 3)

The final installment of this series as Callie resists the power of the Dark Queen… but at what cost? Now that she understands why the Dark Queen needs Callie to rule Wonderland, she has the power she needs to defeat her, but still the evil Trickster stands in her way. I will say that when I opened this book, the first thing I thought of was some of the climactic battles of Dragonball Z. The scenes are as follows: Face… Face… Weapon… Weapon… Clash! Just an awesome way to kick off this final battle. This book is one battle after another as Callie fights, not only for the life of her daughter Violet, but for the entire idea of Wonderland and what it has come to mean to the Liddle family, whether that was darkness and madness or the order and light Callie has personified in her reign as the White Queen. There are some great lines in this book and this is a must read for any fans of Wonderland.

I am usually very good about not spoiling things, but you seriously do not want to miss this book. This is a hard one to get through and will change the face of Wonderland, and the Zenescope Universe, forever. The casualties of the Age of Darkness continue to pile up. My Rating: 5/5

Just AnotherGrimm Fairy Tales #109

The two part Beowulf storyline begins here! Any of you who know the classic tale of Beowulf can draw some conclusions as to what might happen. There will be a monster, the Grendel, and somehow his mother will play into it. What we don’t know is just what sort of spin the folks at Zenescope will put on this old story of curses, indiscretions, and death.

Wulf was sent off to Oz to the Abraxas Academy after his offenses at Arcane Acres. He has fallen for a girl named Natalie who is tough enough to kick his butt. Constantly getting into trouble, Wulf is sent to the Chamber to pay for his crimes, but he is freed by his roommate and they return to a party just in time to face a monster attacking Natalie. Who is this monster and Will Wulf and Natalie be able to defeat it? Meanwhile, back at Arcane Acres, Skylar is still having a lot of trouble and feels like the one friend she did have, Ali, has left her to comfort the water nymph now that Wulf is gone. Is he just being a good friend? And what is the Convergence? Lots to look forward to as this story just becomes more and more intense. My Rating: 4.5/5

Just anotherGrimm Fairy Tales presents Wonderland #34

NEW THIS WEEK! The Squire continues to try to fight the mysterious Terror that is bringing back nightmares to the people of Wonderland. Failing to defeat this monster, she is head off to find the White Queen. Meanwhile, Callie and Cheshire, having found the Antipathies and cured them of their madness, are now descending to the Well of Dreams. What truths does this well hold? Will this be the answer to so many questions or does the White Queen already hold the answers she needs? There are some interesting portents in this issue as we see that the two sides in the coming battle will be Callie versus the Terror. Hopefully, this strange Realm Knight, The Squire, will be able to shed some light on things and help the team to plan their strategy.

Wonderland has become one of the best series in the Zenescope Universe. The way that Callie has taken up the mantle of White Queen and is battling to return order to the madness of Wonderland, that makes for some great storytelling and just reinforces the strong characters and continuity that Zenescope puts into all their books. A great creative team on this series and it just keeps getting better. My Rating: 4.5/5

Just anotherGrimm Fairy Tales presents Grimm Tales of Terror #10

NEW THIS WEEK! I love that Zenescope takes us back to their roots with Grimm Tales of Terror, retelling some classic urban legends and scary  campfire stories in more realistic and disturbing settings. Stories are always two parts, the beginning and end caps and then the true tale between. This issue, we explore the truest nightmare of all time… MARRIAGE! Oh, no, wait, that’s not it. Oh, I see now, the horror of the haunted Queen Mary, a ship that currently sits in dock at Long Beach, California. A young couple dreams of having their wedding here but our host, the fiery redhead, Death, wants them to know just what they are getting into… as this is the place that marriages come to die. Sounds like the local shopping mall during the holiday buying season. Anyway, you will never look at hide-and-seek the same way again. Latoya Morgan wrote this tale of terror and it has a great flow. Zenescope does a great job of consistent art in all their books, clear and well drawn, and that helps to hold all the stories together. Enjoyable to the last drop. My Rating: 4/5

Another week of great stuff here on Just Another Zenescope Monday. I hate getting behind, but as of now, we are call caught up. Lots to look forward to, and I still have some stuff to giveaway, so keep an eye open for that. Until next week, check out the other great articles here on Comic Booked, look for some new stuff on our YouTube channel, and cruise over to Facebook and check out some of the great Zenescope fan pages like the Zenescope Entertainment Fan Group!

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