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Just Another Zenescope Monday: Last Catch Up

zenescope monday

Welcome to the last catch up article for Just Another Zenescope Monday. Finally, we can catch up one of the most fun series that we missed from Zenescope over the last few months. I will catch you up on the hilarious Hollywood Zombie Apocalypse.

Zenescope Monday Zenescope Monday

Hollywood Zombie Apocalypse #1  #2

This was one of the funniest series I have read in a long time. This series focuses on Micheal May, an aspiring actor who finally gets a big break starring in a blockbuster superhero film with a bunch of Hollywood superstars. This sounds spectacular… but then all hell breaks loose.

The League of Defenders, one of the best comic books ever, is being made into a big screen blockbuster. While Michael joins his all-star cast at the Roosevelt Hotel for a read through of the script, the cast of The Walking Dead is holding a special meet and greet out front and over by the pool they are filming College Musical, like we need another one of those. So the cast for League is made up of a host of stars, Tom Cruise, Shia Lebouf, Kevin Hart, Shatner, and Dwayne Johnson, even Selena Gomez is in this one, among others. And we can’t forget Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad playing the villain in this upcoming film. So, they really have the star power. Meanwhile, in the cafeteria,  a diet that some of the stars of College Musical have been on turns deadly and they start eating people! That’s what happens when you only eat a very rare type of seaweed.

That’s right. All the big name stars and Hollywood stuff then you throw in some flesh eating zombies? We see the stars react, quite comedically, to the truth that zombies are really attacking and this is not just a publicity stunt by the cast of The Walking Dead, who just don’t fare quite as well in a real zombie apocalypse as you might hope. Mike is about the only one that keeps a cool head about him, not to mention that he is pretty handy with his prop shield.

This series is everything that is wrong with Hollywood and everything that is right with the zombie apocalypse all rolled into one hilarious mess. I love the fact that the plan for survival depends on getting to John Travolta’s helicopter within a couple of hours. There are so many jokes in this book, it is not even funny. Well, actually it is. Very funny. This is a true must have for zombie fans, fans of The Walking Dead, and fans of anything Zenescope. Just too much to miss. My Rating: 5/5

Thanks for joining me for one last catch up article. Next week look for some great new books from Zenescope right here on Just Another Zenescope Monday. Long live JAZM!

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