Just Another Zenescope Monday: May 12, 2014

Zenescope Monday

Welcome to the second installment of a little thing I like to call Just Another Zenescope Monday. If you missed last week, you can catch up here. Last week I recounted all the books that Zenescope Entertainment published in the month of April. This week, in the hopes of being a little more timely, I am reviewing everything released last week. Next week will be what comes out on May 14th as well as whatever is coming out on the next Wednesday. Future installments will be of the books that are coming out, so you will have a two-day jump and be able to email or call your LCS (local comic shop) and tell them exactly which Zenescope books you want that week.

Confused? Good! Just come back next week on Monday and it will all be clear-ish. Let’s jump right in. Beware, there may be a spoiler or two.


Zenescope MondayGrimm Fairy Tales #97 – The countdown to the landmark issue #100 continues with this “Age of Darkness” tie-in. Last issue saw the big reveal that Koschei the Deathless was really a bad guy and was just trying to play Sela Mathers against Baba Yaga in hopes they would release Helios and cause a big mess. The problem was that Helios was there voluntarily and Sela and Baba figured it out and teamed up against Koschei and his ghostly horde. But this issue is really about Dr. Gwen Dentin, a dentist. She also has a secret… she is the Tooth Fairy. Gwen is a fairy who hungers for bones, but the first lost tooth of a small child can renew her strength. She feared her powers and has starved herself, but her powers just drew from the people around her and made them sick. Queue the Dark Queen, swooping in like she wants to help Gwen. She offers her the perfect solution, something that will restore her dilapidated wings too their former glory and sate her hunger for millennia. The only problem is that we, the readers, already know that the Dark Queen is one half of the evil pair bringing about the “Age of Darkness”, so this cannot go well. Pick it up and find out. The story in this issue is really good; a young innocent seduced by the darkness, and Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco bring another classic to the Grimm Fairy Tales series. This issue’s writing, by Shane McKenzie is engaging and fun and scary all at the same time while the fantastic visuals laid down by Antonio Bifulco and expertly colored by Pradeep Sherawat are sure to keep you up at night.

Zenescope MondayB.A.R. Maid #5 (of 5) – Taking a break from the “Age of Darkness” is an interesting series based on an alternate history where the Japanese invaded Chinese Manchuria in 1932. This is the story of rebel forces that worked and lived among the Chinese military that was created to help Japan control the country they now wanted to rule. Created by Clayburn Moore and written by Pat Shand, B.A.R. Maid is a story of a fight for freedom. Cassidy and her friends have found out that the Japanese have teamed up with the Nazis to create a time machine and they must be stopped. Now, face to face with Tanja, the elite Nazi soldier who beat her before, Cassidy has to show what she is made of. This book has everything. Gunfights with Nazis, girls in skimpy outfits, and time machines. And the ending… wow. So, run out and pick up this whole series and check out what happens in B.A.R. Maid.

That’s it for this week Zenescopians… Zenescopoids… Zeno-fans? Whatever we call ourselves, I hope this gave you the info you need to make some new selections next time you visit your LCS. Or, head on over and checkout Zenescope’s online store. And you may have noticed my banner is an awesome new piece of art from Zenescope. They announced back in March that they have the rights to publish comic books based on the TV show Charmed and issues will come out starting with a #0 in June and the big debut of #1 at the San Diego Comic Con in July 2014. Something to look forward to. See you next week.

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